Thursday, December 24, 2009

Happy Birthday Baby!!!

Well, not only is it Christmas Eve, today is my hubby's Birthday!!! Without telling you all the whole story, just know that this family LOVES Infomercials. Lately we have been addicted to "The Big Top Cupcake". So when I was at Walmart and saw it for only $19.99 with the bonus mold....I JUST HAD TO GET IT!!! Into my cart went the cupcake and out of line I went to stock up on cake mix and frosting. So I got home and told the boys, they about died!!! Finally, last night we made it........TA DAAAAAA!!!!!

I only used one box of cake mix and not even a whole container of frosting. IT IS SOOOO DELICIOUS!!!! You even get to cheat a little when you take it out of the mold and shave off a little from the top to make it flat, you get to eat the scraps. LOL!!! This is a easy thing to do with the kiddos.

Well, I have been off Since last Friday (5 days) and only a few things done. NOT what I had in mind...but I am changing that today!!! I will start something TODAY!!! I really hope to have my sister's (Sherrie, who hates Scrapbooking) album done. It's a kinda Ed Hardy themed album. I'll take pics when it's done.

OH!!! I have to share the Birthday cards that Goose (my oldest) and I made for my hubby using the Cricut. We whipped them up pretty fast. I am still IN LOVE with my Gypsy!!! I don't have to worry if I loaned out a cartride, I have it no matter what. And I get to share my carts at the same time.

O.K., I am off to create something card is the cupcake and the hat is Goose's.

Lots of Love,


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Julie Marshall said...

That's hilarious! My family would totally do something like that! I haven't seen this infomercial...but, I will be on the lookout ;) Happy Holidays!