Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Let's call this Tasty Tuesday!!!

I just wanted to update you all on the album....since I know my sister and neice are watching now I thought I would give just a peek. I just uploaded 173 pictures to Walgreens....they are having a great price until Jan 2. The total price was about $10.. I did it in two bundles...since SOMEONE knows nothing about scrapbooking OR a computer I had to upload the last 68 pictures from MySpace by myself....not easy!!! Okay, so here is just a little tease....
I started this page before my sister got up off of her booty and sent me pics. NOT ONE FREAKIN CHRISTMAS PICTURE!!!! I couldn't find one ANYWHERE!!! I started with Christmas, because I thought that would be one EVERYONE would have. Now butt head has a Christmas layout with no pictures!!!
Dear Kaily and Ricky...
Your meemers loveS you very much and this is why I am making the album for you. Because your mama does know her head from her butt and I wanted you to have proof that we are a loving, memorable freaking family!!! DARN IT!!! WT Heck....no freaking Christmas pictures....REALLY?!!!!
Love and frustration,

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