Tuesday, August 18, 2009


This weekend is "Tax Free Weekend" here in Texas. Not only am I a school supply junkie....it works out very well for us scrappers/stampers. Stampin' Up! is giving all of us Texans a deal for this weekend only....Yipppeeee Yahoooo!!!! Here it is straight from the horses mouth...haha!! Can you tell this Cali girl still gets cracked up with the slang of Texas?!

The state of Texas is having a sales tax holiday from August 21 - 23. Because school supply items are included in this sales tax holiday, the below list of items will be tax free during the holiday period. Please note that you must place your order with Stampin’ Up! during the tax holiday period in order to receive these items tax free.

Uni-ball Signo gel pen, 105021, $3.95
Basic Black Stampin’ Write journaler, 105394, $3.25
Stampin’ Write markers, various, $3.25
Watercolor Pencils, 101879, $19.95
Watercolor Wonder Crayons Bold Brights, 106695, $19.95
Watercolor Wonder Crayons Earth Elements, 106696, $19.95
Watercolor Wonder Crayons Rich Regals, 106698, $19.95
Watercolor Wonder Crayons Soft Subtles, 106697, $19.95
Watercolor Wonder Crayons Neutrals, 106746, $9.95
Stampin’ Pastels, 105542, $24.95
Craft & Rubber scissors, 103179, $19.95
Paper snips, 103579, $9.95
Craft & Paper scissors, 108360, $29.95
Pencil sharpener, 100745, $4.95
Blender pens, 102845, $9.95
2-Way Glue Pen, 100425, $3.50
SNAIL adhesive, 104332, $6.95
SNAIL refill, 104331, $4.50
Mini Glue Dots, 103683, $4.95
Pop-Up Glue Dots, 104183, $3.95
Stampin’ Dimensionals, 104430, $3.95
Anywhere Glue Stick, 104045, $3.95
Dotto, 103305, $12.95
Dotto refill, 100902, $6.50
Sticky Strip, 104294, $6.95
Tombow Adhesive, 110755, $3.95

This is a very big deal!!! Hurry and get your list ready. You can place your order online through my website. Click here.

Don't forget, you must live in Texas to get this offer. Sorry to all my peeps and fam from out of state.


Tuesday, August 4, 2009


I got an A!!!!!
I just wanted to pop in realy quick. Today is Blakey's birthday, we aren't partying until Saturday. I am just going to lay with him on the couch tonight and make out with my baby who isn't 3 anymore.....sniff...sniff.
The class I just finished was Critical Thinking and my paper was on Assisted Suicide. I have no problem telling people what I think or my opinion on any matter. It's when I have to back it up with proof...I am sooo lazy. But I did it!!! I am letting my brain rest and my bank account cool off from the stress shopping last weekend on Ebay. Hopefully I will be on more here in the next few days.
I hope everyone is doing well....Thanks for all of the support.

Saturday, August 1, 2009

What the heck is wrong with me???

O.k. peeps..... I am going through my usual procrastination of writing my final paper. I was even not feeling well in the middle of the week and had extra time to get into it and get it done. Did I do that??? Heck NO!!!

I have been working on it yesterday and today and hopefully will get into full gear tomorrow morning. I went to bed early last night with the same intentions...but this morning I cheerfully jumped at the chance to offer up and take my parents dog to the vet. I even choose a "near miss" mental breakdown while choosing to take my almost 4 yr old to the vet with me and the dog during a "4 hour only, first come, first serve, standing room only shot clinic". If that weren't nearly enough I decided to stop at Hobby Lobby and leave the dog in the car and drag my lovely little boy (who just finshed his fruit and yogurt parfait after sharing it with Missy) into the store with me. I didn't have to wash his face because the part that Missy did leave on his face would soon be taken care of by the sudden down pour of rain. So we hussled on in. After 5 or ten minutes of only spending $2.78 we fought our way back to the car. By the way.....if you ever have to take a lil one into Hobby Lobby some GENIUS planted the party favor isle right next to the scrapbooking dept. that had tons of stuff for like 3/1.00 or .50 ea. The kids think that they have gone to HEAVEN when you tell them if they are really good, they can pick 3 things. AWESOME GOODNESS!!!!

Back to the good stuff....as my sister Sherrie would say..."Thats not the funny part"...

So we got soaked and went home. All day long I have been mostly staring at my paper....(DARN IT AMI JUST HAAAD TO TAKE A NAP!!!! ) I kept thinking....10 more mins...at the top of the hour.....after I eat.....after I pee. I even offered to watch one of "his" movies tonight and thought I would start fresh tomorrow morning with a clear head. Well, his movie sucked. I was just sitting here in my room and looked up....
(Horns playing) Dunnnnn...Daaaa.....Daaaa.....Daaaaaaaaaa!!!!!

This is the funny part. Way back in 2003 or early 2004 my other sister Pam and I both bought these little Sew Crafty machines. We just HAD to have them!!! I have not ever used this thing until tonight!!!! I am telling you if someone would have asked me to sit and watch their paint dry....today would have been the day and I would have loved to do it!!! I was sooo excited to do anything but my paper at this point. I climbed my booty on up to the tippy top shelves and dusted this little guy off for the first time ever.

It took some practice, but look at what I was able to do...

I know this post has gone on a little long....I have cracked my self up something silly. I was catching up on some blogs and Julie had a title..."What do you do, when you don't know what to do?" That is what started this post......and avoiding my paper still. I bet I could win some kind of "Use it up" or "Ways to use it" challenge...but we might save that for tomorrow. What???? My paper isn't technically due until Monday......I have time still.....LOL!!!!

Thanks for listening,