Friday, October 31, 2008

Random Update...

Well, well, well. Mom has surgery on Tues. Nov 4th. I haven't been doing too much creative wise. My sister from Arkansas is here visiting and I love it!! She is the only other scrapper in my family and we have been spending a lot of great time together. She is a little looney, but I love it!!

Something very exciting has happened. I have been wanting to join SU! to be a Demo for a long time now. I was hoping to have a huge party and get my kit a few months back, but with everything going was put on the way back burner. I have a bucket of cards that I always have sitting on my desk and everyone at work knows me and the "crazy card lady". Because that's about all I talk about. Annnnnyways.... A friend of mine went to a SU! party and after telling me about it, she asked about the starter kit. But, if you buy the starter kit you also get the stuff to become a demo. She didn't want to become a demo.....I GOT ALL OF THE BUSINESS SUPPLIES AND GOT TO BECOME A DEMO!!!!! FOR FREE!!!!!! YIPPPEEEEEE!!!!! Granted, she got all of the actual supplies. I will totally be o.k. with that. I am broker than broke right now...with school, and the stupid couple of speeding tickets that I got recently....I needed a way to hopefully bring in some extra cash. And having another great excuse to buy more stuff can't hurt either.

I also got to borrow the "Always" set. I am not positive about the name, but it should be close. I was playing around with it and here are two cards I came up with. When I make a card, I like to make as many as possible to use up the patterned paper.
My next post will probably be after my moms surgery. Hope you all have a wonderfull Halloween!!!

Wednesday, October 22, 2008



My mother would soooo kill me if she only knew about my blog...hahahhahahaa!!!

My family flew in from California and drove in from Arkansas to surprise my mom. Since she has been feeling so crummy and we thought she would have had the surgery while they were here. It was a WONDERFUL visit.

Above is the picture of my sis Sherrie (My twin), sneaking into bed with my mom as she was taking a nap. Afterthought.......maybe not trying to scare the S*** out of a sick lady would have been a better idea.

Here is a pic of my brother hugging his momma.

And a pic of my Sister Sherrie, neice Kaily and brother Alvin. Alvin is teaching Kaily how to pose for a pic. Duuuhhh Alvin!!! Like she doesn't have a KA-Billion self portraits on Myspace.
After wrestling with the Insurance Company. We found a docter with in the network and will hopefully have a surgery date by tomorrow.
I will keep you all posted.
Thanks for all of the love and support!!!!!!

I've been tagged...

Okie my very first Bella Sistah evah, Kimberlee tagged me. I am glad to get tagged with everything that is going on. It must have been god's intervention. I logged on here tonight to update information on my mom. I am happily distracted.....

Here's how it works...Link to your tagger and list these rules on your blog. Answer the five sets of five (this is the easy part)Tag 5 people in the last section by leaving their names as well as links to their blog. Let them know they have been tagged by leaving a comment on their blog.

Things I love
1. MY MOMMY!!!! (and all friends and family)
2. My husband for doing so much lately, and allowing me to do sooo little.
3. Anything PINK
4. Having Internet access at work
5. Taking naps in my car on my lunch hour

Things I don't love
1. Actually having to get dressed to go to work.
2. Bad customer service
3. paying full price for anything
4. Police officers that talk on their cell phones while working and not giving me a break when I really needed it. Yes....coppers......I am still upset!!!
5. Insurance companies that take advantage of anyone, and then the government for not taking care of anyone.

Songs on your iPod/Playlist
1. Pink- Dear Mr. President
2. John Mayer
3. Vanilla Ice...never stop loving him
4. Johnny Gill...yes, ladies taking you way back. A little My, my, my.
5. Mariah Carey- All I want for Christmas is You. The perfect pick me up song for any time of the year.

Favorite Foods/Drinks
2. Diet Cherry Pepsi or Coke
3. Pasta
4. Wing Stop with a Large Fry all to myself!!!!!
5. A cold drink with a good girlfriend, a babysitter, and no curfew!!

Five Fav Blogs I am tagging
1. Christi Thorsen
2. Kim
3. Glitter Goddess
4. Mel
5. Monica

Big Hugs to Kim for tagging me!!! I hope you girls have lots of fun with this.