Wednesday, October 22, 2008



My mother would soooo kill me if she only knew about my blog...hahahhahahaa!!!

My family flew in from California and drove in from Arkansas to surprise my mom. Since she has been feeling so crummy and we thought she would have had the surgery while they were here. It was a WONDERFUL visit.

Above is the picture of my sis Sherrie (My twin), sneaking into bed with my mom as she was taking a nap. Afterthought.......maybe not trying to scare the S*** out of a sick lady would have been a better idea.

Here is a pic of my brother hugging his momma.

And a pic of my Sister Sherrie, neice Kaily and brother Alvin. Alvin is teaching Kaily how to pose for a pic. Duuuhhh Alvin!!! Like she doesn't have a KA-Billion self portraits on Myspace.
After wrestling with the Insurance Company. We found a docter with in the network and will hopefully have a surgery date by tomorrow.
I will keep you all posted.
Thanks for all of the love and support!!!!!!

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Christi said...

I have missed you so much girl it is not even funny!!!!! What a fun trip! I'm sure your mother loved it!! Email me when you get back and settled in. We need to get together sometime!! Love ya!