Sunday, October 25, 2009

A Spooky Invitation with some cute help...

My friend Deborah has a halloween party every year, and every year she hands out some computer generated invites. They work just fine, I wanted to just jazz something up that wouldn't cost anything to make. Soooo here is what I came up with.

These did come out much better than the picture did. I used orange cardstock with a simple text box boarder in Microsoft Word. Then on the orange I stamped the Haunted House from SU! House of Haunts. I topped it off with the party information printed on vellum and stapled some halloween ribbon to the top to hold it all together. So easy!!! Since I made over 70 of them, I recruited some help...

This picture came out horrible, we were both cracking up so bad!!! You can even catch a little peak of his "baby" in the corner of the pic. With my hubby, we finished over 70 invitations in about 2 hours. NOT BAD!!!

I also just helped my friend Nancy with her baby's princess invitations using the same idea. They make for a simple but cute invitation. And easy to put in the mail too!!!

I just love that I got my man to help me stamp, and I think he had fun too!!!


Saturday, October 24, 2009

Crop Party!!!

I am soo lucky to have such a wonderful scrap spot. I owe it all to my hubby for letting me take over "his" garage where his "baby" (motorcycle) sleeps. So last weekend we scrapped on Friday and on Saturday. Annnnnd my hubby cooked for us!!!!! YUM-A-LICIOUS!!!!

In hopes of totally sounding like a infomercial- LOVE THEM-uuuuhh emmm.....
When you come to crop at Carrie's house, you get great atmosphere, comfort and creativity all wrapped up in one!!! Here is where you can crop the night away...and we really did...both nights until 1 a.m. Ami pooped out a little early, but the little trooper was back for both nights!!! David SWORE that he was going to wake up with girls in the guest room....ahhhhh like back when we were kids. I was BFF's with his sister growing up...really like when we were kids. LOL!!! Ohhhh back to the spacious cropping area...
At Carrie's Crop House there are tons of tools and little helpers that love to be put to work...
Lots of room for you and all of your friends...P.Jams are highly encouraged!!! This is me, Ami, Olivia, and Julia.
When you come to Carrie's Crop House and just can't seem to shake those little booger's off...we have made room for them too!!! Yes, at Carrie's Crop House.....BOYS SCRAP TOO!!!

Okay, so I hope you laughed a little too!! This is where the gang hangs out when classes are not in session. We would love to have you over!

To busy to post??

Unfortunatley, yes.

I hate that I am such a procrastonator!!! Even right at this very moment. I am updating my blog instead of getting a mile long crafty-to-do-list done. Ha!! Oh well, I figure it will all get done someday.

I am sooo overdue on posting a HUGE thank you to my new BFF Ami. Looooove her!!! I love that I finally found someone here in Texas that I can Scrap with, Stamp with, laugh with, cuss up a storm with, share tears with, make things for, get things from....and I'll stop there just to keep you interested. My Love list of Ami could go on and on!!! I am so glad that SU! brought Ami to me. If you have hung out with us, you know!! If you have not scrapped with us yet, you are missing out and are welcome to join us anytime!!! Here is what my Ami made for me using her Cricut Cartridge "Boxes, Bags and Tags".

She was such a little sneaky sneak!! She pulled a bunch of pictures off of my blog and myspace and made the cutest topnote type album. I have had a rough few weeks of school, work and just in a real slump. So she whipped me up a batch of inspiration...and it worked!!! I am much better. Ami and I scrapped all last weekend with random visitors. It was sooo much fun.

Thanks to my Ami for helping me back!!!