Saturday, May 24, 2008

What a Happy Birthday!!

I have received so many nice birthday wishes! Thanks to everyone who lifted my day up!!
I have to send a special thank you out to my Bella Sistah Kimberlee Doktor . She sent me a wonderful package in the mail. The only thing missing from the picture is the jar of chocolates that were so decorated so crafty. I have them hidden, and forgot to add them to the pic. I am afraid the boys will get into them. They are MINE!! There is so much stuff. A HUGE Bithday party punch with balloon, party hat, candle, present, streamers, and cupcake. There a bag filled with flowers. 2 packages of gems. A Cosmo Cricket Blackboard album, which I can't wait to play with. All of this came with 6 pairs of deco scissors inside a lime green container ( I LOVE HOT PINK AND GREEN!!) Along with the CUTEST card!!! Her cards always amaze me. I thought I didn't ever need pet stuff because I have already scrapped the heck out of my furries. But she made me go out looking for paw ribbon and paw paper to copy this adorable card.
I just can't find the pink paw paper ANYWHERE!!!! Please let me know where to find it.
This round of Bella Sistah's is about over and I am sooo sad. Kim has been such a great sistah to play with. I am going to miss playing with her. I will still be able to stalk her through the group and her blog...yippee!
Hope you all are jealous!!!

Saturday, May 10, 2008

My Mothers Day Card

All of my boys know that it is out of question to EVER buy me a store bought card. The only time of year they are allowed to come into my scrap room is for my birthday and Mothers day...which usually fall in the same week. I have been spending a lot of time in my scrap room lately, so this is what my boys did...

My husband is a Manager at a print shop and he mounted an laminated a picture of both boys on foam core board. He said it took him 3 weeks to find the right picture that would fold exactly with one of the boys on each side. ATTA BOY!!!! Not only did he do that, he found the perfect poem and everyone signed my card.

He was so excited...and rightfully so...he showed everyone at the baseball game last night before I got there. THE WHOLE TEAM KNEW, BUT ME!!! ATTA BOY!!! They were all so excited this morning that I got the card a whole day early...hmmm... wonder what I will get tomorrow? Or Tuesday for my birthday?? I CAN'T WAIT!!!

Here is a pic of the outside and the inside with the poem and writing.


Sunday, May 4, 2008





I was able to get some stuff done over the weekend and wanted to show everyone. One pic is some of the items I will be giving to Ms. Hunley. She is my sons first grade teacher. I will be adding a very large bottle of tylenol to the bag that you see. She deserves much more than that! I used the Circles Cuttlebug embossing plate on the red CS and Teachabella from, and the apple paper is from the new Elementary paper pack from DCWV at JoAnn's. I hope you like it, I am pretty happy about it. The post it note holder is out of paper from JoAnns and I cut it using my Wishblade.

The very colorful card is a card that I may or may not enter into the May Bella Babe Contest. The challenge was to use turquoise, green and orange. Yes, I know my turquoise is borderline blue.....tomato...tomato. The jeweled flowers are from Walmart, the paper is from Hobby Lobby and the Bella is Shopabella...(I think).

Have a great Sunday!!

If the boys let me, I will post more later