Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Scrap Party on Sept. 20th!!

I would love to invite anyone around the Dallas/Carrollton area to a party on Sept. 20th. It will be a Stampin' Up! party and then full blown crop. It will start at 3 p.m....I am pretty sure. It will be a kick off for my new scrap area (a.k.a. garage). It's pretty nice, I will be working on it really hard this 3 day weekend. Please feel free to bring friends. I would love just a little shout out if possible, so I can have enough munchies. Email me if you have any questions at

More information to follow. Mark your calendars now!!!


Sunday, August 24, 2008

Yippee!!! Success!!!

The yard sale was a total success!!! Over $400.00!!!! After I finish paying my speeding ticket from last spring break, and now the one from last week (shhh...don't tell David), I may have a few dollars to spend on myself. It was hot, but so worth it. And now the garage is empty and we will start moving my scrap room into it. Since it was painted and decorated from the previous owners, I won't have a lot to do. I am going to become a demo for stampin up and start holding classes in my garage. Woo Hooo!! I have my final paper due that a ton of lovely ladies helped me with this week. After that, It's full steam ahead on fixing up the garage. I already have my first crop party scheduled for September 20th. If anybody can make it to Carrollton, Texas you are more than welcome to come on by.

Big Hugs!!


Tuesday, August 19, 2008

We have winners!!!!

I know I said I would have a winner first thing Monday morning, but wooowweeee!!!! I still am stuck, but have narrowed it down to the topic of Death. Euthanasia suggested by Kim, Kimmee and the Death Penalty suggested by Cheribella. I think I am going to try and work all of it into the same paper. If you do not have your addy updated or in the bella database, please email me it privatly. You are all winners. I had one thing in mind, but with multiple winners I plan to change it up just a bit. It will take me just a couple of days to put the goodies into the mail for you girls.

Honorable mention to Ellen, I was touched by her story. Another shout out to the topic of gay rights and childcare.

Shout out to everyone and all of the wonderful ideas. I am sorry to take everyone off of their wonderful crafting. It was selfish. Only so I could get ideas to finish my paper and get back to playing in my scraproom.


Saturday, August 16, 2008

Big Time Blog Candy..

I need help bad!!! I am in my final week in my Philosophy of Human Conduct class. I don't want anyone to write the whole thing (but willing if someone wants to email me privately @ :-) anyways, I just need help with a topic for my final paper. The obvious topics that I have come up with are divorce and abortion, which neither interest me to write about. Please leave me possible topics in the comment section and I will be giving some really good blog candy to the winner. I will be choosing a winner by tomorrow (Sunday 08/17) at midnight. Here are the guidelines for the paper that might help...

Much of the work we will do on moral questions and moral theory in this course may seem very abstract. This is necessary when you are looking for the broadest understanding possible, but it also allows a certain casualness to work its way into the practice. "The Nazis were bad and it's good to be good to others" seems true, but all of this should lead us to put our money where our mouths are at some point. Thus, theory and explanation are the first steps we take as moral thinkers, and then we need to put our studies into practice.

For your final paper, write about a real contemporary problem where you see the status quo as lined up against something that is just or in favor of something that is unjust. Make a case for what you think would be just and argue for measures that should be taken to counteract that injustice. The stronger your measures, the greater your need to justify such measures. You must write in a careful, theoretical way. If you can make this assignment about your own experience or community, then all the better but you must support your arguments. You must use at least 8-10 outside sources in the construction of your argument.

I promise, your name and information will not be in the paper at all. I just need help thinking of a topic. My blog candy will be fabulous. I am not sure what yet, but fabulous. My last blog candy was a gift certificate to stamping bella, just so you know I don't give out poop. I may just ask the winner a couple of questions and decide a couple of choices and let you pick.

I just need HELP!!!


Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Happy Birthday X's 3

I whipped up 3 birthday cards last night. They were all for the same girl here at work, and I have been nominated the card maker in the office. These cards don't have my usual requirements of bling and ribbon, so they are on the bottom of my happiness scale. Since I have not posted in a few days and I am still getting ready for the yard sale of the century, I fugured it may be a few more days until I am creative again. So here goes... All are a form of bella

I believe her name is Betina Buttercream, I tried to search the bella website but couldn't find her. I got her in the latest image swap on the bellaholic Yahoo group. She is a lot of fun to color.

This is Ella, Looloo and the gang. They are a lot of fun to color also. This stamp just makes me happy.

This is Partygirlabella. She was one of my very first bella's that I bought. I think she is one of my top favorite's for sure.
** I forgot to scan her...she will be posted later***

Lots of love,

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Got my Goosie Back!!!

After starting in Seattle, Washington on July 19 then going to Burbank, California on July 21 and to Fresno, California on July 24 ( I'm pretty sure) and then Pismo Beach California on August 1st, back to Fresno, and then to Las Vegas, Nevada on August 7, Goosie finally made it back home on August 8th. WHEW!! I don't think I have scrapped or made a card since he has been gone. I must say, as soon as he was headed home from Vegas I whipped out 6 much needed Birthday Cards. A couple of them were so belated, I didn't get time to even snap pics of them. As soon as my goose was coming back, so was my Mojo!!

He left a 7 year old and came back a very mature, handsome, and well traveled 7 year old. But, never again will he go by himself. I missed him, we all missed him so much.

While he was out traveling the West Coast, I moved back home (which he hasn't even noticed, and we won't even mention it), and his baby brother turned 3!! I have a ton of stuff to start scrapping and creating. The post will come a knockin!!!
Here are just a couple of pics from his beach vacation. You can tell even though he was born here in Texas, he's got some Cali in him from his mom and dad. For Sure!!! You check out more pics on myspace.

O.k. so hopefully my next post will be more of a creative nature. I have my goose back, my family all in one spot, and my Mojo!!!

Happy Scrapping!!


Monday, August 4, 2008

Happy Birthday Blakey...

It was a very simple birthday. A lightning McQueen cupcake cake with all of his friends at The Peanut Gallery. When goosie comes home, we will do a cake with a motorcyle. Motorcycles are Blakes passion. Everything about them makes him happy. He are a couple of pics from the party.

I just can't believe how fast time goes by. He is moving up to the preschool room, he will be in Kindergarten before I even blink my eyes!! Sniff, sniff.


One more thing...

I know I am posting a ton of stuff today. This will be my last one...promise, then it's party time at the daycare. I know I touched a little on this is my last blog posts', but I just have to thank God and everyone that has come into my life, especially this last year. It has been a very difficult year and last few months especially. The girls that I have become friends with have literally helped save me in so many undescribable ways. Sharing all of their kind words, funny stories, and talent that is unbeatable!!! I just wanted to say it...again...thanks for becoming my friends and always being there. And for reading my blog that started as a creative outlet and now seems to have become my theraputic outlet. Thanks for all of the wonderful comments that truly warm my heart and make me smile.

To all of my friends, a very big THANKS!!!

One more special thanks...
To my Lisa in Las Vegas. If it wasn't for you helping me get my goosie home, I would be lost right now. You didn't have to do anything you have done, but you did. My soulmate friend, that has everybit of bad that I love so much in her and who really loves and understands the everybit of bad in me. For that, no one will ever understand but you! I love you!!!!

Big Reveal from Cheri..

I just completed my very first round of DSS (Devine Secret Siblings) over at SCS. This is a picture of the reveal package that my big sis Cheri sent to me. I don't know how I am so lucky to get to keep meeting such talented people. Cheri is another one. She was able to send me this awesome package despite just starting a brand new job. I don't think I would have been able to do it, but she did. She secretly stalked my blog and all of the pics on my SCS gallery. Just about everything she sent to me had a green and pink theme. LOOOOOVE IT!!!!! Here is a pic of the goodies that she sent to me.

I hope I don't forget anything. A handmade picture frame and message board. My very first set of SU! Stamps-Friendship Blooms, chipboad letters, notepad, canister, memo book, tons of christmas embellishments (I sooo needed :-), adhesive, flowers, monogram C, Marcella K die cut pad and matching embellishment kit, summer and travel stickers, mud mask, glitter, more chipboard, and a paper pack with rub ons. Whew!

Thanks Cheri! I will be using all of it!!

From my wonderful sistah Christi!!

I am late in posting this.. This is the most recent box of goodies that I have received from Christi. I have a link to her wonderful blog to the right of this post. Christi Thorsen is so talented and just a wonderful person that I have gotten to know in this round of Sistah's on the Yahoo group of Bellaholics. She has become a great friend. I just can't believe how lucky I am to have met another great sistah within this wonderful group. Here is a pic of the box load of treasures that she has sent to me. I really need to get better at staying on top of posting my happy mail pictures. I will put that on my "To Do" list.
Christi is such an amazing person. She went way above and beyond. Here goes the very long list of goodies.. Dated and Noted clear stamps, Baby theme 8x8 project pad, handmade clip board sticky note holder, heidi swapp tape, cute little memo pad, package of cards, package of cardstock stickers, little boy birthday stickers (are soo going to be used for today), handmade 3-D embellishments, tiny brads, ribbon, bling, adorable pen, Friendship Survival Kit, ton of brads, fibers OMG!!! I hope I am not forgetting anything. Oh!! The card that she sent me!!! She used MFT (My Favorite Things) Stamps. I saw this card on her blog, I can't believe I actually have it. Makes me feel like I just got a famous treasure from a famous artist!!! Check out her blog, she is amazing. And now becoming a famous designer for many companies.
Thanks Christi!!!
Big Hugs,

Sunday, August 3, 2008

My Baby is a star..

Last night we went to a motorcycle stunt show. Blake always takes his little motorcycle to have the riders sign it. Last night was different. He drew a huge crowd. Blake loves to do stunts on his motorcycle and the photographers loved it. I'd like to say he had his own paparazzi. They took lots of pics. I got one with a photog. in it. They all gave us business cards, and I will let you know if he ends up in one of the mags or on a website. As soon as they started asking for permission, I was shaking like a leaf.

I am still super excited. I will let everyone know what happens in the next few days.



Saturday, August 2, 2008

Quick little update...

Hey Everyone!!

I have not been on much lately...for good reason. I think everyone close to me knows that my 7 yr old is off traveling like a crazy guy for the summer (looong story). He is safe and having a BALL!! He is in Pismo Beach, California for the weekend. He is FINALLY coming home on Friday the 8th. But not after going to Las Vegas and spending a night with my friend Lisa that I used to fly with. Something not everyone knows, I was a flight attendant in a previous life....pre-kids and family. Awwww miss those days. But I wouldn't give my family up for the world... Literally..hahahaha!

Which brings me to the best news ever!!! I have spent the last week back at home. David and I have talked and will be working really hard at making this work. So yesterday (08/01) I moved all of my stuff back home. Ahhhhhh...home sweet home. I must say that I was really ready to come home. I love my parents, but it really was not the same as being at home.

Last night we went to see John Mayer and Colbie Calliat. THE BEST CONCERT EVER!!!!!

Colbie sounded just like her CD. I actually enjoyed her a little bit more than John. I have seen him in concert before. Don't get me wrong, he is amazing. We did leave just a tiny bit early to beat the traffic. But I never heard the most favorite song ever, "Your body is a wonderland" and my total fav "Dreaming with a broken heart". But I guess that's what a CD is for.

It was sooo hot!!! I think it was 103, felt like 1000 billion and 3!! You will be able to see in the pic. and a handsome pic of my honey bunny John Meyer. Our seats were awesome, it was just sooo hot inside the seating area.

I am off to start unpacking my scrap room. I have some pics to take and post of some wonderful Bella stuff I got from sistah Christi! I have mail to get out, and a cake to order for my baby blake who turns 3 on Monday. We will have a bigger party when goosie gets back. I CAN'T WAIT!!!

Big fat happy hugs!!!!!