Saturday, August 2, 2008

Quick little update...

Hey Everyone!!

I have not been on much lately...for good reason. I think everyone close to me knows that my 7 yr old is off traveling like a crazy guy for the summer (looong story). He is safe and having a BALL!! He is in Pismo Beach, California for the weekend. He is FINALLY coming home on Friday the 8th. But not after going to Las Vegas and spending a night with my friend Lisa that I used to fly with. Something not everyone knows, I was a flight attendant in a previous life....pre-kids and family. Awwww miss those days. But I wouldn't give my family up for the world... Literally..hahahaha!

Which brings me to the best news ever!!! I have spent the last week back at home. David and I have talked and will be working really hard at making this work. So yesterday (08/01) I moved all of my stuff back home. Ahhhhhh...home sweet home. I must say that I was really ready to come home. I love my parents, but it really was not the same as being at home.

Last night we went to see John Mayer and Colbie Calliat. THE BEST CONCERT EVER!!!!!

Colbie sounded just like her CD. I actually enjoyed her a little bit more than John. I have seen him in concert before. Don't get me wrong, he is amazing. We did leave just a tiny bit early to beat the traffic. But I never heard the most favorite song ever, "Your body is a wonderland" and my total fav "Dreaming with a broken heart". But I guess that's what a CD is for.

It was sooo hot!!! I think it was 103, felt like 1000 billion and 3!! You will be able to see in the pic. and a handsome pic of my honey bunny John Meyer. Our seats were awesome, it was just sooo hot inside the seating area.

I am off to start unpacking my scrap room. I have some pics to take and post of some wonderful Bella stuff I got from sistah Christi! I have mail to get out, and a cake to order for my baby blake who turns 3 on Monday. We will have a bigger party when goosie gets back. I CAN'T WAIT!!!

Big fat happy hugs!!!!!



Christi said...

Wow sweetie!! So much good going on right now. I am so happy for you!!! Email me when things calm down. I miss you!!!

Kimmie0270 said...

I'm so happy for you!