Monday, August 4, 2008

One more thing...

I know I am posting a ton of stuff today. This will be my last one...promise, then it's party time at the daycare. I know I touched a little on this is my last blog posts', but I just have to thank God and everyone that has come into my life, especially this last year. It has been a very difficult year and last few months especially. The girls that I have become friends with have literally helped save me in so many undescribable ways. Sharing all of their kind words, funny stories, and talent that is unbeatable!!! I just wanted to say it...again...thanks for becoming my friends and always being there. And for reading my blog that started as a creative outlet and now seems to have become my theraputic outlet. Thanks for all of the wonderful comments that truly warm my heart and make me smile.

To all of my friends, a very big THANKS!!!

One more special thanks...
To my Lisa in Las Vegas. If it wasn't for you helping me get my goosie home, I would be lost right now. You didn't have to do anything you have done, but you did. My soulmate friend, that has everybit of bad that I love so much in her and who really loves and understands the everybit of bad in me. For that, no one will ever understand but you! I love you!!!!

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