Tuesday, August 19, 2008

We have winners!!!!

I know I said I would have a winner first thing Monday morning, but wooowweeee!!!! I still am stuck, but have narrowed it down to the topic of Death. Euthanasia suggested by Kim, Kimmee and the Death Penalty suggested by Cheribella. I think I am going to try and work all of it into the same paper. If you do not have your addy updated or in the bella database, please email me it privatly. You are all winners. I had one thing in mind, but with multiple winners I plan to change it up just a bit. It will take me just a couple of days to put the goodies into the mail for you girls.

Honorable mention to Ellen, I was touched by her story. Another shout out to the topic of gay rights and childcare.

Shout out to everyone and all of the wonderful ideas. I am sorry to take everyone off of their wonderful crafting. It was selfish. Only so I could get ideas to finish my paper and get back to playing in my scraproom.



Kim said...

Carrie I am so glad that you have picked a topic! I know how hard it is thinking of paper topics! I am glad to help you out! I will e-mail you my addy! Thanks again for the wonderful blog candy!

Kimmie0270 said...

I'm so glad I could help! Do you still have my mailing address or do you need it again?

Loreen said...

Hey Carrie - I have so many papers sitting right here on the hard drive.....email me if you ever need any help =)