Wednesday, March 31, 2010


Once again my husband has spoiled me rotten. I am a follower of Amy Chomas for a little while now. She is having an inventory reduction sale on her pen holders for the Cricut and I was lucky enough to make a deal with the hubby to get them. Woo Hooo. Okay, so no lie I have only had them out of the package for 5 mins. I started getting my mini sharpies out and my scrap paper, I totally thought I would know what to do, Duuuuh, I have only watched her youtube video at least 100 times. Nope, I had a brain toot and had to stop and watch again. Here is what I came up with after ripping open my package and watching the video....

The smaller circle with the butterfly is my attempt using just the Cricut, the sharpie holder, and the cartridge the regular way. Obviously it is supposed to be able to fit...I know it was operator error. The larger circle with the bird is using my Gypsy. It worked perfect!! First I placed the bird on my mat screen and loaded the pen holder according to the directions, then a message comes up on the Gypsy asking if you want to "Go back to design" or "Add to design". I just added to design, it prompts you to save at this point, which I think you have to do in order to know the original position of the bird. When I went back to the design the bird was in Gray, so it did not cut. I just added the scallop circle and POOF!!! BAM!! BOOM!! WAAAAA ZOOOOO!!!

I wish you all could see my excitement. I am CRAZY GIDDY right now. With the pen holders and the power of my Gypsy....NOTHING CAN STOP ME!!! MuuuaaaaHAHAHAHHAAHA!!!

Okay, so stay tuned for more....I am still working on the nerves to make a video...maybe this is my sign.

Big Hugs!!!

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Getting there...just a little sidetracked...

Hi All!

So I am working on a baby album and went looking for some paper. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE paper stacks. I have them all lined up on top of one table. I had a problem because I didn't know where one stack started and one ended. It was a huge problem, not because I would damage any paper, but because all of that pretty paper would distract me.

A very long time ago I bought these divider thingy's to organize my stamped images. Well, that really went out of the window, so I dug out my thingy's and this is what I came up with.

Here is the line of stacks all together...

I kinda have them color coded. The purple are My Minds Eye and the Green are DCWV and the Blue are random stacks that go within a "subject"...for example I have Nana's Kitchen by DCWV, but I also have I Love Baking by Paper Studio, so I put them together. I have all of the kids, baby and then Spring, Summer and Flowers together. I like it, it has worked for me. It's just now I can cut down on the paper cuts, and distractions....Yaaaay me!!!

I love seeing how people organize their stuff. I hope this helps someone else out.

Big Hugs,

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

I finally fit into a medium!!!

Okay, so it's not the size of my clothes...yet...but someday. My hubby got me a prezzie today. I like to think it's because of the color and he just wanted to be nice. I am sure it is a little of that and so that I don't like another "Dude" when I am riding with him on the back of his bike. I am sure with me in a black jacket and black helmet and on a bright yellow motorcycle we could surely be thought of in a totally different way...haha!! Now I look like an actual hot babe riding on the back of the "booty launcher"...that is my new name for his bike. Since I haven't been very creative lately, I thought I would share this with you all.

I hope everyone is well,


Sunday, March 7, 2010

I am a total copy cat!!

I am a copy cat and I don't care. I have had a couple of new stamps from Kraftin Kimmies Stamps and are just getting around to getting some ink on them. I used the sample from their website and noticed that I had the same paper. So off I went to make the same thing. I started stamping using Stamping Bella's about 4 years ago and used to have to color images all of the time. Then I fell in love with Stampin' Up! and don't have to color so many images, it's a nice break. Coloring images is good therapy, I have to admit. After taking almost an hour with two little interruptions (named Goose and Blake), I finally finished this card. The paper is Basic Grey.

Thanks for looking,


Finally a clean scrap room...

I know it has been a while. Most of you can relate when I say sometimes you just get into a slump and just don't wanna do anything. So last week I spent most of my time staring at my scrap room and just tired of how I had just crammed things into spots. So I have spent the last 2 days cleaning and reorganizing. Not only for me, but for my SU! order that was just waiting on me to play. Ami and I both have been saving our "allowance" and finally placed our SU! orders during Sale-A-Bration....what a RUSH!!! I LOVE getting free stuff. Click on my website on my sidebar to check it out. HURRY, the Sale-A-Bration ends the 31st of March.

My MIL will be here on Friday and I hooked her into scrapping and stamping the last time she was here, so I plan on playing with her a lot. I wanted to be able to move around and find things. Of course my playroom is the garage (I hate saying that, it's really nice). The weather yesterday was beautiful so the door was open and Ami and I got to play all day. I was still moving around and organizing while she did most of the playing. I did get a thank you card done for the Veterinary office that sent us the sweetest card after Molly left us.

I have to show you pics of what the boys do when mom makes room in the garage. My hubby grilled on the BBQ last night and with the beautiful weather they put up the tent. Well, it was still too chilly to actually sleep outside so we moved it inside. Of course nobody actually slept in it, so it just stayed in my playroom. My Blakey loves to hang out with me in here and watch T.V. while I's makes for some really cute company. After a great breakfast it got really quiet, so I looked is what I found....Blakey sleeping with his "snuggie" that Olivia made for him. HE LOVES THAT THING!!

Here is what my nice clean room looks like now...
My pics are horrible, but you get the idea....a BIG 'OL TENT!! Right in the middle.
I had to share, since I haven't created anything in a while. Maybe it will kick in.

Big Hugs