Friday, January 30, 2009


This Sunday, Feb. 1st begins Sale-a-Bration with Stampin' Up!

For every $50 you spend, you will get a free stamp set from the Sale-a-Bration Catalog. There is no limit to the number of free sets. If you have a wishlist, this is a great time to get your wishes and FREE SETS!!!
Also, beginning on Feb. 1st Stampin' Up! is sending out the new 2009 Spring - Summer Catalog to every customer that places their order online through my website. That is a HUGE Deal!!!
My Favorite Sale-a-Bration set is the Polka Dot Set, it allows you to use the 5 Petal Flower Punch, the Scallop Circle and the NEW Full Heart Punches. I just love any set that I can use with punches. Easy Peasy!!!
Interested in becoming a Stampin' Up! Demonstrator? Now is the perfect time to join. Along with the awsome Starter Kit, you will get to choose an additional stamp set of your choice from the 2009 Spring-Summer Catalog (Up to $47.95).
Big Hugs,

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Bog Candy Alert!!!!

I was just following up on my favorite blogs and Kim is giving away a looovely chance at Blog Candy. Check her out here.

I've been MIA...

Hi Everyone.

I know I have been a little MIA. I am in the waiting room of the hospital right now waiting for my mommy, she is having her last aneurism surgery. WHEW!!! Right in time for tax season. She does taxes, so now that means that I do taxes too. And school, work, attempt to clean and scrap when I can. It's o.k. it's mostly just for the rest of January and February for me, then life can get back to "normal". I have some stuff to share...

Last Friday the 23rd was my current sistahs birthday. Ann has amazing talent check out her blog. I sent her a flower pot card that I found here. I was going to upload my pic, but it must be on my stinkin jump drive that I left at work. Check out Ann's Blog. She was so nice to post a pic and say some very nice words.

I am in the final 2 weeks of my Interpersonal Communications class, so creativity will be flowing very slowly until it is over.

Su! Updates: The Love You Bundle sale ends on the 31st of January. If you were even thinking about ordering....Hurry Up!!!

Starting on February 1st all online orders receive a free 2009 Spring-Summer Catalog and SALE-A-BRATION STARTS!!! For every $50 in order, you get a free stamp set (from the sale-a-bration catalog only). It's a HUGE DEAL!!!!

You also get a free Sale-a-bration stamp set free when you sign up to be a Demo. Thats a HUGE DEAL!!!

I get to buy school books when orders are placed through my website, so please let me know if you need anything at all. Anything stamping related would be a very welcomed distraction to whatever I might be doing.

Have a wonderful day!!
P.S. I said I was going to wait 30 days but.....I lost 3 more pounds...thats 15 total!!

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Woo Hoooo!!!!

I totally swore to myself that I would not weigh myself until my 30 day mark. All I could see is that little froggie counter at the bottom of my page. That sucker sure isn't going to move itself!!! It's been 2 weeks and...............

12 pounds are gone!!!!!

It hasn't been too bad. A lot of water and going to the gym. Next week I promised to start doing something other than the tredmill. Hey, it may be silly but the chubster hasn't hardly moved from the computer and scrap table in almost 3 years. Yearly scrapbook convention doesn't count..LOL!!!

Gotta go, homework and don't forget my SU! Party on saturday!!!!

Love, Carrie

Sunday, January 18, 2009

The sign of tough times!!!

I wish you all could have seen the look on my face when my hubby and boys brought this home to me from the dollar store. You know I practically made a deal with devil when I agreed not to ask for or spend any $$ in order to join the gym, and get new shoes and a new work out outfit. Since I have not even asked for a dollar, he must have known I was just jumping at the chance to buy something card or scrapbook related...not quite my idea, but the thought was worth a million dollars!!!! I must have looked like Scooby Doo when Fred suggested they go in and find those darn ghosts. Even better, my boys are out here in my scraproom (I call it scrap, even though I have not scrapped in months) and now I actually have stuff for them to play with.

They love to make cards with me. I just thought I would share this funny story and to brag about my husband for a minute. Even took the boys to grocery shopping by himself while I went to get my membership at the gym. I am a very lucky girl. He even cooks almost every night and cleans both bathrooms.

Thanks for letting me share. love, carrie

Thursday, January 15, 2009

On a mission...

Hello everyone,
I don't have anything creative to share with you today. I just had to pop in and let you know that I have been sooo busy. I have made it to the gym every single day and have made it to the week mark of not having one piece of candy!!!! That is HUGE for me!!! I will have to bring my camera to work so that I can take a pic of the biggest candy bowl that sits right next to me. Michelle (Owner of the candy bowl) doesn't just fill it with crap either. It's the good stuff...twix, Reeses, Kit Kat...mmmmm. I will not eat anymore candy!!! I will just open up my fiber bar and be content with that.

Overall I think I am doing very well. Yesterday and today seem to be the hardest for me. I will just drink a bottle of water and get past it. I am not going to weigh myself yet, although I can feel it. I am going to try and wait for my 30 day mark.

I hope everyone else is doing good on their resolutions. Thanks to Kimmie for starting this little weight loss group and all of the great support!!

Love, Carrie

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Blog Candy Alert....

Sorry everyone....because I can barely move from yesterdays work out, I am not sure how productive I am going to be this weekend. LOL!!! My legs don't ribs are killlllling me. That darn ball that Melissa (my trainer) had me do and I tried the trick to suck it in whenever you think about it...and I am dying now. Since I am in sooo much I still suck in my stomach....YOU BETCHA!!! This is good pain and means that it's working....YIPPPEEE!!!

Sorry, got sidetracked....Go check out Carri D's Blog she is giving away some blog candy. I totally want to win this candy. It's really hard to find pretty stuff in boy colors and that is what she has. I love it! Hope you all are having a great weekend!

Love, Carrie

Saturday, January 10, 2009

The best candy....

The best and only kind of candy I am allowed right now is BLOG CANDY!!!! Go check out Dannie's Blog and check out the sweet stuff she is giving away.

Love, Carrie

My first trip

O.k. girlfriends, I have officially taken the plunge! I have joined a wonderful group of girls with my very first sistah Kimmie and now I am accountable!! I signed up with Bally's fitness through the Discover Channel 30 Day Body Challenge. Today I went to my first session at the gym with my personal trainer Melissa. She is awesome!!!

I have a very scary (100 lbs.) amount of weight to lose. I know, everyone seems to think that what I weight is not true....oh trust is! I about had a heart attack when the "meat head" at the gym put me on the scale. After I said "What the F&^%@!!!, he laughed. DUDE!!! I wasn't kidding!!!! Really?...What????? I went to work, because I don't own a scale ( I know, it's probably the reason for my surprise) I double checked my weight at work. It was true!!

So, my first steps is to add water and leave the candy bowl alone at work. Before yesterday I can't honestly tell you when my last drink of water was. HORRIBLE, I know. Melissa told me I needed to poop at least 2-3 times a day. WHAT!!!! Sorry, it may be TMI, but sooo true. I will let you know how things are going.

In scrap news....Since I no longer fit into my workout clothes, I am not allowed to spend any money on anything stamp or scrap related....GASP!! Boo Hooo. I will get a new pair of shoes and workout outfit out of this deal. Hubby says it's to see if I am really serious before I get into one more thing. I have to agree. I can do it! I am hoping he was only talking about like a week or so. YIKES!!!! I might want to check out the fine print!!! I will let you know. As for now, I am going to clean up my scrap room and see what I have to work with. Teee Heeee** He doesn't remember that my SU! order just came just over a week ago and My order from SweenSassy is on it's way...Heeee Heeee.

Thanks to Melissa, my legs are spaghetti...ooooo spaghetti yummmmmy....FOCUS!!!! I will probably be sore tomorrow. That's o.k. No pain No Gain!!!

Thanks for listening. Love Ya!


Monday, January 5, 2009


YEAH FOR ME! YEAH FOR ME! YEAH FOR ME! I won Challenge #3 for the Jacksonbelle Embellishments. You can see my entries for each of the 4 challenges just a few posts below this one. I just had to share this very exciting news!! Thanks for all of the great comments. It's really nice to have comments every time you log into blogger.

I am so happy to know such wonderful people!!

Love, Carrie

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Finally!!! Some Mojo!!!

Tomorrow I have to go back to work. YUCK! I have been off for over 2 weeks. Until yesterday I only had finished 3 cards.... what the heck?! I guess I just needed to be challenged....hahaha! Before I left work to go on Winter Break, I made all of the secretaries that I work with a decorated tile or candle...their choice. But they were all personalized to fit their taste. I didn't get this last one finished...or started...until today. I have had the Hello Kitty Die Cut for a while now, but just got to using it.....what a regret!! She is so much fun to piece together. And with 2 little boys, the perfect outlet to get girly!! I think the girl at work who loves Hello Kitty will like her, what do you think? I used DCWV Blossoms with glitter and HK Paper from Michaels and Hello Kitty Sizzix Die, and Cuttle Bug Swiss Dots Embossing Folder with my Big Shot. Pssst....Don't forget you can get the pink and black Big Shot from SU! and a nice little thank you if you order from my website. *Wink*Wink*

Off to do laundry and get ready to get back to work :-(

Love, Carrie

Wish on a Scrap Challenge #1

A lot of my blog friends are doing the challenge from Wish on a Scrap. I wanna play too!!! Here is my version...

Every single day I get on the computer and scrap with my real sister who lives in Arkansas. We always use yahoo or stickam and scrap with our webcams on. It is sooo much fun!! I am always just grabbing my blue robe when I get cold and the other day my brother in law asked if I was going to get dressed or just wear the same thing as the day before? LOL!! Duh! Brother,I changed....sorta...I showered and just took my hubbys p.j.'s out of the dryer and wore his while mine were washing. HAHAHA!!!

Another part of the card is the slippers and the blue shirt under the robe. I didn't just do a color mix up and decide to color it blue...almost. I couldn't just leave it white and have everyone think I was naked!!! LOL!! Under my robe is my new Wii pajamas that my MIL got the whole family for christmas and they are also blue. She was sooo super smart!!! LOVE HER!! She got me and hubby the same size so I could alternate washing and wearing. TMI ALERT!!! Shhh...he only wears his boxers....hehehe...mostly. My MIL is also a slipper and P.J. FANATIC!!! Seriously!!! Although I do not have bunny slippers, they are white Abonomable (SP?) Snowman slippers from the Christmas cartoon Rudolph. I had to...uhh emm...we wore them when she visited from Washington and we did Black Friday shopping. You HAVE to wear themed P.J.'s when shopping the day after Thanksgiving. I flocked the bunny ears to add some deminsion. I made this card for her, it totally fits her. That's the reason for the "missing you" on the front of the card.

I know, really long blog post. I loved this challenge. What a great idea!! The paper is DCWV and glittered, basic cardstock and handmade flowers out of mulberry paper....leftover from my "Tear Bear" attempts. Uggghhhhh...that's a whole other story! Anyways, I just love this color combo. Hot pink and blue-ish-teal?? I can't ever seem to get away from the pink, at least it wasn't green....again.

P.S. This also goes with the new Mail it out challenge for SNS Yahoo group...wooo hoo I am doubly challenged....oppps (Insert Scooby Doo tilted head here saying Ruttt?)

Sorry So Long....Happy about playing Challenges,


Saturday, January 3, 2009

Jacksonbelle Embellishment Challenge Time!

I am sooo excited!! I have officially started working on challenges. I have 4 of them. One of the cards is a do-over....can't have too many Birthday cards.

Here is Challenge#1: Anything to do with the word "ring". I used DCWV and the "Ring around the Rosie's theme". I also used Ring shaped Grommets.

Challenge #2: Black, White and Bling. I used DCWV with glitter and embossed an image from the "An Affair of the Heart" stamp set from Inkadinkadoo. I added some bling to the corners and ribbon to a small binder clip.
Challenge #3: New Years Resolution. I used Diplomabella, my Cuttlebug embossing folders on my Big Shot and a graduation hat charm. I am hoping to graduate with my degree this year and start teaching.
Challenge #4: Birthday. It is Lindsey's Birthday over at Jacksonbelle. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO LINDSEY!!! You all have seen a card identical to this one about a week ago. Since I have to make duplicate birthday cards, this is what I came up with. I used Partygirlbella and embossed SU! cupcake wheel on some Deisgn Paper picked up at Hobby Lobby.
Usually I just play along in "made up" challenges with my cousin. This is both of our first "official" time playing in challenges. You can click HERE to go and see her version of the challenges. Give her a shout out and leave her a comment while you are over there. This is her first blog site and she finally made it about 2 days ago.
I am hopefully going to start on some SweetNSassy Challenges now, I had so much fun at their Blog Party last night!!
Love, Carrie

Friday, January 2, 2009

A cute little Love You Bundle

By now you have been seeing adorable creations that have been made using the Stampin' Up new Love You Bundle that is available. I got my set and let me tell you how stinking adorable it is!!
From now until January 31st. you can get this amazing bundle at 20% off!! You get the Love You Much stamp set, the Candy Lane Designer series paper, and the Heart to Heart punch all for $41.48!! Regular price is over $50!!

If you order a Love You Bundle from my website HERE, I will send you this set of cards that I made with the Love You Bundle. If you think that this set won't get you far, let me just tell you that I made 4 sets of all these cards with just 1 piece of the Designer Paper that comes in the bundle, and some cardstock, ribbon and embossing powder...VOILA!!! It was sooo easy. I even had a small scrap of Designer Paper left over to cover exactly 4 Binder clips to use as Photo Clips.
AREN'T YOU SOOOO EXCITED!!!! Use this as teacher gifts, secret sisters, honey bunny gifts...anything. These are so easy to stick in the mail and a cute little gift set too!!
Contact me TODAY!!! These sets have gone on back order once already, be sure to grab one at this great price before it is all over!
Love, Carrie