Sunday, January 4, 2009

Wish on a Scrap Challenge #1

A lot of my blog friends are doing the challenge from Wish on a Scrap. I wanna play too!!! Here is my version...

Every single day I get on the computer and scrap with my real sister who lives in Arkansas. We always use yahoo or stickam and scrap with our webcams on. It is sooo much fun!! I am always just grabbing my blue robe when I get cold and the other day my brother in law asked if I was going to get dressed or just wear the same thing as the day before? LOL!! Duh! Brother,I changed....sorta...I showered and just took my hubbys p.j.'s out of the dryer and wore his while mine were washing. HAHAHA!!!

Another part of the card is the slippers and the blue shirt under the robe. I didn't just do a color mix up and decide to color it blue...almost. I couldn't just leave it white and have everyone think I was naked!!! LOL!! Under my robe is my new Wii pajamas that my MIL got the whole family for christmas and they are also blue. She was sooo super smart!!! LOVE HER!! She got me and hubby the same size so I could alternate washing and wearing. TMI ALERT!!! Shhh...he only wears his boxers....hehehe...mostly. My MIL is also a slipper and P.J. FANATIC!!! Seriously!!! Although I do not have bunny slippers, they are white Abonomable (SP?) Snowman slippers from the Christmas cartoon Rudolph. I had to...uhh emm...we wore them when she visited from Washington and we did Black Friday shopping. You HAVE to wear themed P.J.'s when shopping the day after Thanksgiving. I flocked the bunny ears to add some deminsion. I made this card for her, it totally fits her. That's the reason for the "missing you" on the front of the card.

I know, really long blog post. I loved this challenge. What a great idea!! The paper is DCWV and glittered, basic cardstock and handmade flowers out of mulberry paper....leftover from my "Tear Bear" attempts. Uggghhhhh...that's a whole other story! Anyways, I just love this color combo. Hot pink and blue-ish-teal?? I can't ever seem to get away from the pink, at least it wasn't green....again.

P.S. This also goes with the new Mail it out challenge for SNS Yahoo group...wooo hoo I am doubly challenged....oppps (Insert Scooby Doo tilted head here saying Ruttt?)

Sorry So Long....Happy about playing Challenges,



Loreen said...

What a great card! I love your thoughtful blog post too =)

Kim said...

Carrie I love your card! It's so cute! That bella stamp is so adorable! You did an awesome job with the challenge, and I LOVE your post!!! It made me smile! Good Luck and maybe you will be adding a brand new Whiff of Joy stamp to your collection! :)
Thanks again for playing along with our challenge!
Hugs~ Kim

Anonymous said...


Danni said...

Love this! I almost used this stamp too, LOL!

Lynn said...

So cute!!!
Fun colors and flowers!
I love my robe too!

Lori said...

I just love that little girl. She is so adorable. You will have to post next time using your webcam so that we can see those new jammies.

Katie @ Paper Makeup said...

this is adorable! :)

Ann Kranitz said...

Carrie, wonderful card. I never thought to maybe use my jammybella. I also loved your post. Too funny!!