Thursday, January 15, 2009

On a mission...

Hello everyone,
I don't have anything creative to share with you today. I just had to pop in and let you know that I have been sooo busy. I have made it to the gym every single day and have made it to the week mark of not having one piece of candy!!!! That is HUGE for me!!! I will have to bring my camera to work so that I can take a pic of the biggest candy bowl that sits right next to me. Michelle (Owner of the candy bowl) doesn't just fill it with crap either. It's the good stuff...twix, Reeses, Kit Kat...mmmmm. I will not eat anymore candy!!! I will just open up my fiber bar and be content with that.

Overall I think I am doing very well. Yesterday and today seem to be the hardest for me. I will just drink a bottle of water and get past it. I am not going to weigh myself yet, although I can feel it. I am going to try and wait for my 30 day mark.

I hope everyone else is doing good on their resolutions. Thanks to Kimmie for starting this little weight loss group and all of the great support!!

Love, Carrie

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Ann Kranitz said...

Great job Carrie, you are going to kick but on this diet!!! Do you have a Trader Joes by you? They have alot of high fiber goodies to munch on.