Saturday, January 10, 2009

My first trip

O.k. girlfriends, I have officially taken the plunge! I have joined a wonderful group of girls with my very first sistah Kimmie and now I am accountable!! I signed up with Bally's fitness through the Discover Channel 30 Day Body Challenge. Today I went to my first session at the gym with my personal trainer Melissa. She is awesome!!!

I have a very scary (100 lbs.) amount of weight to lose. I know, everyone seems to think that what I weight is not true....oh trust is! I about had a heart attack when the "meat head" at the gym put me on the scale. After I said "What the F&^%@!!!, he laughed. DUDE!!! I wasn't kidding!!!! Really?...What????? I went to work, because I don't own a scale ( I know, it's probably the reason for my surprise) I double checked my weight at work. It was true!!

So, my first steps is to add water and leave the candy bowl alone at work. Before yesterday I can't honestly tell you when my last drink of water was. HORRIBLE, I know. Melissa told me I needed to poop at least 2-3 times a day. WHAT!!!! Sorry, it may be TMI, but sooo true. I will let you know how things are going.

In scrap news....Since I no longer fit into my workout clothes, I am not allowed to spend any money on anything stamp or scrap related....GASP!! Boo Hooo. I will get a new pair of shoes and workout outfit out of this deal. Hubby says it's to see if I am really serious before I get into one more thing. I have to agree. I can do it! I am hoping he was only talking about like a week or so. YIKES!!!! I might want to check out the fine print!!! I will let you know. As for now, I am going to clean up my scrap room and see what I have to work with. Teee Heeee** He doesn't remember that my SU! order just came just over a week ago and My order from SweenSassy is on it's way...Heeee Heeee.

Thanks to Melissa, my legs are spaghetti...ooooo spaghetti yummmmmy....FOCUS!!!! I will probably be sore tomorrow. That's o.k. No pain No Gain!!!

Thanks for listening. Love Ya!



cjknick said...

Carrie, good luck to you! I so need to lose 50 lbs minimum. I'll have to check out the discovery channel challenge and see what it's all about.


Ann Kranitz said...

Hey Carrie, I started my exercise and diet routine a week ago and so far so good. Good luck to you. I just know you will do great with this. And dont forget that I will be sending you bella sistah goodies so you wont go without new goodies!!! I will take care of you girl.

Shellys Crafts said...

OMG. You made me laugh,,only because i have to lose that much weight too. I went to the doc to get my thyroid rechecked and they always have to weigh you...well.. I told them my shoes and purse were at least 25lbs. They weren't buying it. Sooo, I had to realize it really is me in that mirror. I have to do I am giving it a whirl. Not fair when my husband can eat what he wants and not gain...
good luck and keep the humor.