Thursday, December 31, 2009

So easily distracted....

We have a visitor for the day..This is Dutch. I noticed Molly and Carrots barking like crazy and there was Dutch with his little doggy brother Sarge. I noticed that they had collars so I went to round them up. Our yard seems to attract the lost doggies, usually when they get caught up barking with Molly and Carrots the parents have time to catch up. When no parents followed I went out and tried to wrangle them up. I was able to get Dutch, but Sarge looked at my hands like they were little Vienna Sausages. Sarge is a little Chihuahua mix....clearly a biter. I about had them both in the house and then Sarge darted off. I called their mom, she is at work and can't get off right now, so I offered to drive around and get Sarge but she said he will come back. So here I am getting tons of puppy lovins from Dutch. I am a HUGE dog lover and just LOVE PUPPY KISSES!!!!!

O.k. back to work on the album.....


Movin' and Groovin"...

I think this is my most favorite page!! It might be because I was able to get the whole stinkin' family on the page...well minus just a few.

So far I have managed to use my Cricut on every page. You can't see it here but I used Sweet Treats and George Basic Shapes. to do more "crappin'" ...I know, I know.....harsh...but that is what Sherrie calls it. Oh...but silly little's not so crappy. I'll have you know that I don't even have an album this awesome!!!! Maybe I should keep this for myself...hmmmm.



Wednesday, December 30, 2009

A pic from way back...

I wanted to post another piece to the album. This picture was from an all girl trip in 2003 to Las Vegas. I used a lot of the Indie Cartridge on this layout. I can't show it all right now. I will post picks of every page once I know that Sherrie has seen the album, hopefully after Saturday night.

Here is today's sneeky peeky. I am not moving at my usual album pace....usually I can have one done in 3 days. At this rate, I am doing one page a day. But, in my own defense I have my hubby and 8yr old home with me at the same time. Okay it is....

I am on the right and Sherrie is on the left in the black. We were both blonde at the time...not so much anymore.

Big Hugs,


Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Let's call this Tasty Tuesday!!!

I just wanted to update you all on the album....since I know my sister and neice are watching now I thought I would give just a peek. I just uploaded 173 pictures to Walgreens....they are having a great price until Jan 2. The total price was about $10.. I did it in two bundles...since SOMEONE knows nothing about scrapbooking OR a computer I had to upload the last 68 pictures from MySpace by myself....not easy!!! Okay, so here is just a little tease....
I started this page before my sister got up off of her booty and sent me pics. NOT ONE FREAKIN CHRISTMAS PICTURE!!!! I couldn't find one ANYWHERE!!! I started with Christmas, because I thought that would be one EVERYONE would have. Now butt head has a Christmas layout with no pictures!!!
Dear Kaily and Ricky...
Your meemers loveS you very much and this is why I am making the album for you. Because your mama does know her head from her butt and I wanted you to have proof that we are a loving, memorable freaking family!!! DARN IT!!! WT freaking Christmas pictures....REALLY?!!!!
Love and frustration,

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Trying some temptation..

O.k., you all have seen me talk about my sister Sherrie who HATES scrapbooking!! She loves the end result, but the girl won't even walk into a Michaels store with me to save her life!! I have been saving stuff for over a year to make an album for her. Finally I will have a chance to send the album home with my neice on an airplane, instead of paying for shipping. So I have been BEGGING her to send me pics to put into this album. Because I just know if I send it home without pictures she will never put them in. The girl doesn't even own a roll of scotch tape!!! So, I finally got her looking at my blog and wanted her to be tempted......

Because this pic is not very might want to take a look at just the ribbon alone....

And the paper...ooooohhhh paper!!!!! It is VELVET ANIMAL PRINT!!!!

Okay, so this post may not mean anything to her. But if you all could leave a comment and tell her she has NO IDEA what she is missing out on not only to have the most talented sister (me, not Pam) in the whole wide world...but one who is making her a priceless heirloom for her family to enjoy forever!!!



My First Cricut Layout..

I couldn't remember sharing this layout on my blog, so I thought I would post it to share.
Although Opposites Attract was not my first Cricut Cartridge purchase, I did buy it just to do this layout. I know, I know....what an expensive layout. Nope...I have a rule. Just about anything I buy has to fit into my $1 rule. Example....If I want this cartridge and it costs $20...I need to think of 20 things that I will do with it. And I have. I used it alot on the last wedding album that I did. The hibiscus that you see is from way back in the day (B.C. Before Cricut) Haaa Haaa!!! I used a Quickutz die in my wonderful Big shot. I love that thing too!! Please do not think that the wonderful Cricut will replace everything does not. It is just another lovely companion to all of the other wonderful tools that we have and love. O.k., O.k. enough babbling.......
This is a pretty simple layout. I just love the colors. The paper is DCWV (Summer Stack)...still trying to use what I have. Here is just a close up of the title.Okay, I know I have mentioned that the new Occasions Mini and Sale-A-Bration starting on January, 5th 2010. If you are not huge stamper, you might want to take a look at the Big Shot that Stampin' Up! has. You can earn free stuff by ordering it through me during Sale-A-Bration. If you purchase the Big Shot through me, I will pay for your shipping. I can reimburse you if you want to shop online or let me know and I will take care of the ordering for you!

You can get to my SU! website by clicking here.

Big Hugs,


Saturday, December 26, 2009

On my way to the New Year!!!

It's AMAZING what a week off and with no homework will do for a girl!! Woo Hoo!!!
Tomorrow is the official end of my first week off and the beginning of my last week hoo. I have made a promise of catching up on my scrapbook and to post more often to my blog. Taaa I am doing both!!
I have to tell you, almost 2 years ago I was COMPLETLEY caught up on my scrapbook, from me and hubby in High School, our wedding, and both kids from birth. I was really caught up. That is when I started stamping (#$%^&**)!!! I do love stamping and the instant outcome and feeling of accomplishment that it brings, but I miss the emotional feelings and the connection that scrapping does for me.
Being able to scrap with my Cricut is even better. So here it Layout!!!

The paper is DCWV (Recycled Stack) and misc. cardstock. The title was cut using the Micky Font Cartridge and the Trees and leaves were cut with the new Dinosaur Tracks Cartridge. I inked up the edges of the cuts to age them a bit. I also popped up one of the trees using SU! Dementionals. Seen here...I love texture. I just had to take the title and use it in a Cuttlebug embossing folder. Seen here..

I know we (me, my sister Pam, and Ami) are not alone, when I tell you there comes a point when it seems to be more fun to collect all of the Cricut Cartridges than to use them. Then you just have to sit yourself down and make yourself use what you have. That is also on my "To Do" list for 2010..right after I place my new Occasions Mini order and Sale-a-Bration that starts January 5th, 2010.....SO GET READY!!!! let me know if you need to place an order or if you have any questions.

P.S...besides the hubby's B-Day card...this is the only thing I have done all week.....creative wise. The housework never ends!!



Thursday, December 24, 2009

It's Snowing!!!!!!

I can't believe how much snow we are getting. I know this isn't anything compared to what some people are getting. But it sure is more than my family in I am bragging. I just had to snap a picture of one of our dogs, this is Carrots, or what Blakey says, Tarrots. Molly May is our little spaniel that we didn't think would make it to Christmas. Thank goodness she has. But that little girl is no dummy. Her butt is inside "becoming one" with a blanket on the couch. That's what we call it when they lay sooo still they think we can't see them.

I am off to clean the kitchen and get ready for Santa. I made hubby's favorite and now we just have the cookies for Santa and some wrapping to do.
Lots of Love!!!!

Happy Birthday Baby!!!

Well, not only is it Christmas Eve, today is my hubby's Birthday!!! Without telling you all the whole story, just know that this family LOVES Infomercials. Lately we have been addicted to "The Big Top Cupcake". So when I was at Walmart and saw it for only $19.99 with the bonus mold....I JUST HAD TO GET IT!!! Into my cart went the cupcake and out of line I went to stock up on cake mix and frosting. So I got home and told the boys, they about died!!! Finally, last night we made it........TA DAAAAAA!!!!!

I only used one box of cake mix and not even a whole container of frosting. IT IS SOOOO DELICIOUS!!!! You even get to cheat a little when you take it out of the mold and shave off a little from the top to make it flat, you get to eat the scraps. LOL!!! This is a easy thing to do with the kiddos.

Well, I have been off Since last Friday (5 days) and only a few things done. NOT what I had in mind...but I am changing that today!!! I will start something TODAY!!! I really hope to have my sister's (Sherrie, who hates Scrapbooking) album done. It's a kinda Ed Hardy themed album. I'll take pics when it's done.

OH!!! I have to share the Birthday cards that Goose (my oldest) and I made for my hubby using the Cricut. We whipped them up pretty fast. I am still IN LOVE with my Gypsy!!! I don't have to worry if I loaned out a cartride, I have it no matter what. And I get to share my carts at the same time.

O.K., I am off to create something card is the cupcake and the hat is Goose's.

Lots of Love,