Sunday, December 27, 2009

Trying some temptation..

O.k., you all have seen me talk about my sister Sherrie who HATES scrapbooking!! She loves the end result, but the girl won't even walk into a Michaels store with me to save her life!! I have been saving stuff for over a year to make an album for her. Finally I will have a chance to send the album home with my neice on an airplane, instead of paying for shipping. So I have been BEGGING her to send me pics to put into this album. Because I just know if I send it home without pictures she will never put them in. The girl doesn't even own a roll of scotch tape!!! So, I finally got her looking at my blog and wanted her to be tempted......

Because this pic is not very might want to take a look at just the ribbon alone....

And the paper...ooooohhhh paper!!!!! It is VELVET ANIMAL PRINT!!!!

Okay, so this post may not mean anything to her. But if you all could leave a comment and tell her she has NO IDEA what she is missing out on not only to have the most talented sister (me, not Pam) in the whole wide world...but one who is making her a priceless heirloom for her family to enjoy forever!!!




Kim said...

Carrie your sister does NOT know what she is missing!!!! How darn she not like paper, stamps, punches, etc! lol! However my sister is the SAME way...she's the fashion guru of the family (not this girl)! We are total opposites! That is so wonderful of you to create such a wonderful present for her...she will cherish it and in time maybe even join in your love of crafting! I still say there is hope for my sister! I totally turned my mom into a crafter after she said she would never stamp! Yep, she's a stampaholic now! :)
Hugs~ Kim

Ann Kranitz said...

Ok Sherrie, If you dont let Carrie make the album for you then I am sending her MY family pics. Look at all those fun goodies that will go into your album. It looks so awesome, and Carries talent ROCKS!!!! (how did I do Carrie!! LOL)

Ami Adams said...

Sherrie I got to see every thing in person that will be going into your album, and even went with Carrie to get some of the stuff. I am tellin you, you are going to LOVE this album. It has a huge Ed Hardy look and feel to it. SEND PICTURES, SEND PICTURES, SEND PICTURES,SEND PICTURES, SEND PICTURES, SEND PICTURES, SEND PICTURES, SEND PICTURES,
I cannot believe Sherrie and Carrie are Identical twins and yet so different.