Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Quick Little Update...

Thanks for everyone's prayers and very kind words. Just a little update, because I am not sure when the next one will be. My mom has a total of 4 Aneurism's. 3 on the right side of her brain and 1 large one on the left side. We go to talk to the Surgeon tomorrow and it already looks like surgery on next wednesday. My brothers and sisters are coming form California and Arkansas this weekend. I am pretty excited to see them. **Deep sigh** I just can't wait for everything to get back to normal.

Thanks for all of the love and support!!!!


Sunday, September 14, 2008

Another Theraputic Moment....

Many of my friends know that I also use this blog as my theraputic outlet. It does help, I suggest that if you have a blog use it!!!

Last week we were told that my mother has 2 brain aneurisms. Not good. After a few appointments we are in the final stages of finding out how they are going to be removed. I won't go into the side effects, I will start to cry....again. Tomorrow we will get the readings of the EEG and go into to do a Angiogram to see the blood vessels more clearly and how the aneurisms are attached. They could burst/rupture at any moment, we just pray that they don't and she comes through the surgery/procedure without any side effects.

I don't know why I am deciding to post this. I guess just to vent. I don't think is fair to me, my family and most of all to my mommy. She hasn't had the best life. God knows all of us (her children) have put her through plenty. She is the glue that holds us together. The very thought of losing her is going to be very devistating to all of us.

Blakey needs him's Nana!!! And so does everyone else. Who will make Goose the worlds largest chocolate chip pancakes and cook us brownies for dinner and peach cobbler for dessert? What other mom in the world keeps a stash of king sized candy bars and tons of packages of Klondike bars in the freezer? And to use those as torpedoes coming in at your head while sitting on her couch watching t.v. And after the near miss knock out, yell at you for not paying attention or that she thought you were looking. LOl!!! She is the funniest lady in the WORLD!!! She has the personality of Rose off of the golden girls.

I just love her to pieces!!!! Let's hope tomorrow brings us closer to getting through this next (NOT FINAL) chapter in my moms life.

After everything is over and alright, I will let you use the excuse of having this "brian thingy" as long as you want.

I love my mommy!!!


Monday, September 8, 2008

Weekend Productivity

Hey there!
Since I have to get back to hitting the books this week, I busted a move on creating this weekend. I started and about half way finished my "Boys that Rock" 8x8 album. I'll post pics of that when it is finished. I must say, it was nice to get back into scrapping and take a short break from the cards. But then I got right back into the cards, and this is what I got done.
This is a card that I made for a coworkers daughter that just went off to college. She joined the Kappa Delta soroity and the colors are green and part of their symbol is a tedday bear. I am not a huge dark green person, so this card was a challenge. I broke out the wishblade and whipped up this card.
The next are Cherry Blossom cards from a stamp that I got at JoAnns a while back. I love this stamp. It's fun to color and I used triple thick on the blossoms. Then it came time to make a few birthday cards. Very simple and I think they explain themselves very well. No special techniques.
Although it was a pretty productive weekend, I was pretty laid back. I also stuck with the challenge of not using any bellas. It's pretty bad when your husband asks "Do you only do bella cards?" So I proved him wrong. It may be a little bit before I have more to post.

Unitll then...

Big fat productive Hugs,


Friday, September 5, 2008

New Cards for this week

I was able to play a little last Sunday and came up with a couple of cards. I need to get back into the creative groove again.

Below are new stamps that I got from Hobby Lobby. One is a cross (cause I didn't have one and everyone should). And one of 2 double sentiment stamps that I bought. There are a lot of serious illness's in our office. I thought I would start making some cards for that reason. The outside says "Sending you a little prayer.." and the outside says "That God keeps you in his care." I put just a little piece of bling in the middle of the cross.
The next card is Cookie Monster. I LOVE CHOCOLATE CHIP COOKIES!!!! And I bought the whole Sesame Street stamp set from Hobby Lobby almost a year ago and have only made this one card. My original idea was to make a Sesame Street themed book for my's still on my "TO DO" List. This card colored with regulard color pencils and used Gamsol OMS. I used
3-D Super Thick on the cookie jar. The chocolate chip paper is from JoAnn's.
The next is one of 3 similar cards. I found an awesome Coffee themed paper at my LSS. I was able to cut it up and had enough for 6 cards. Here ar e 3... The first one was made with a sentiment "Thanks a Latte" that was given to me by one of my sistah's. I used Javabella's . The next one is made with Lattebella and the sentiment is from Hobby Lobby. I used eyelets and set them with my Crop-a-dile. Tied a ribbon through the wholes and...voila!!The last one is from one of my sistah's. It was either Christi or Kimberlee. I got my stack messed up when I moved my room. I hate not being able to give proper credit. Sorry girls. I know the stamp is from MFT My Favorite Things. I know that because I have been stalking that company lately. I added some ribbon and flowers and I am very happy about the way this card turned out. I hope everyone is having a great week. I want to give a very excited shout out to my sistah Christi!! Yesterday was her wedding anniversary and this week is also her Stampin' Up! Anniversary. YOU GO GIRL!!! I HOPE YOU HAVE AN AWESOME WEEK!!!



Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Final grades have been posted...

O.k. Girls,
Grades have been posted and I got a 23.5 out of 25. I did not get an A in the class, but it was a difficult class and with moving in and out I was a bit distracted. At least I passed. It was with everyone's help that I did so well on the paper. I know that my deductions were from referencing...or lack of. I was right in the middle of my death paper and changed it at the very last minute. I did it on the current crisis in the mortgage industry.

As I was doing my research for the death pentaly and such, I would cry everytime I read a story. My husband walked in and everytime I was reading something on the Internet and not writing a thing down. When he asked why, I said I just keep reading these stories and get distracted. So he said "Can't you just write about something you know about?" I said, I don't know anything. ( I was in a little bit of a party mood...a pity party.) He said "You spent almost 10 years in the mortgage business and you don't know anything. I said "Nope." Then the next night watching the news he asked "How did all of these people get these loans if they couldn't afford the mortgage?" And there began my paper.

So thank you all for all of your wonderful help.

Creative Update:
I spent all Labor Day weekend cleaning up my garage and moving all of my scrap stuff into it. Woweee!!! Where did all of this stuff come from?? I think we all might have thought that a time or two. WE WOULD NEVER SAY IT OUTLOUD!!!! And still, I wait for a great sale at JoAnn's, Michaels, and Hobby Lobby every single Sunday. ATTA GIRL CARRIE!!! I am still in the process of getting things straight, but was able to make 4 cards last night. I will scan them and post them tommorrow. Hang tight until then.

Bug Hugs,