Friday, February 12, 2010

Hey, Hey, Hey...IT'S A SNOW DAY!!!

Howdy from North Texas Y'all!!!!
Yesterday the Dallas area set an all time record for the most snow accumalation in one day. This Cali girl still gets soooo giddy when the snow comes!!! These are the pics from yesterday (Feb. 11) My two boys and my neice Kaily (visiting from California)
Our front yard and the house..
The sidewalk to show how thick the snow was yesterday...
This morning when I woke up school was cancelled..wooo hoo! That means work is cancelled for me!!! Here is what I woke up to outside my front door... The same sidewalk...just some more snow on it...
Our backyard fence.....

Our cars.... The first one is my van that has all of the snow from yesterday and today.

Finally, my big boy Carrots running through the back yard playing in the snow.I know this is probably nothing to what some people are experiencing. In true Texas fashion, tomorrow is calling for sunny skies and a high of 57....Seriously? Yep!! Thanks mother nature for a nice day off!!!