Wednesday, March 31, 2010


Once again my husband has spoiled me rotten. I am a follower of Amy Chomas for a little while now. She is having an inventory reduction sale on her pen holders for the Cricut and I was lucky enough to make a deal with the hubby to get them. Woo Hooo. Okay, so no lie I have only had them out of the package for 5 mins. I started getting my mini sharpies out and my scrap paper, I totally thought I would know what to do, Duuuuh, I have only watched her youtube video at least 100 times. Nope, I had a brain toot and had to stop and watch again. Here is what I came up with after ripping open my package and watching the video....

The smaller circle with the butterfly is my attempt using just the Cricut, the sharpie holder, and the cartridge the regular way. Obviously it is supposed to be able to fit...I know it was operator error. The larger circle with the bird is using my Gypsy. It worked perfect!! First I placed the bird on my mat screen and loaded the pen holder according to the directions, then a message comes up on the Gypsy asking if you want to "Go back to design" or "Add to design". I just added to design, it prompts you to save at this point, which I think you have to do in order to know the original position of the bird. When I went back to the design the bird was in Gray, so it did not cut. I just added the scallop circle and POOF!!! BAM!! BOOM!! WAAAAA ZOOOOO!!!

I wish you all could see my excitement. I am CRAZY GIDDY right now. With the pen holders and the power of my Gypsy....NOTHING CAN STOP ME!!! MuuuaaaaHAHAHAHHAAHA!!!

Okay, so stay tuned for more....I am still working on the nerves to make a video...maybe this is my sign.

Big Hugs!!!

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Amy Chomas said...

Very cool! You did awesome for your first try! They are a ton of fun! Have fun with them! Amy