Sunday, August 10, 2008

Got my Goosie Back!!!

After starting in Seattle, Washington on July 19 then going to Burbank, California on July 21 and to Fresno, California on July 24 ( I'm pretty sure) and then Pismo Beach California on August 1st, back to Fresno, and then to Las Vegas, Nevada on August 7, Goosie finally made it back home on August 8th. WHEW!! I don't think I have scrapped or made a card since he has been gone. I must say, as soon as he was headed home from Vegas I whipped out 6 much needed Birthday Cards. A couple of them were so belated, I didn't get time to even snap pics of them. As soon as my goose was coming back, so was my Mojo!!

He left a 7 year old and came back a very mature, handsome, and well traveled 7 year old. But, never again will he go by himself. I missed him, we all missed him so much.

While he was out traveling the West Coast, I moved back home (which he hasn't even noticed, and we won't even mention it), and his baby brother turned 3!! I have a ton of stuff to start scrapping and creating. The post will come a knockin!!!
Here are just a couple of pics from his beach vacation. You can tell even though he was born here in Texas, he's got some Cali in him from his mom and dad. For Sure!!! You check out more pics on myspace.

O.k. so hopefully my next post will be more of a creative nature. I have my goose back, my family all in one spot, and my Mojo!!!

Happy Scrapping!!


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Christi said...

Woohoo!! Welcome home Goose!! :) I've always wanted to go to California. My mom was actually born there. I'm so glad your baby and your mojo are back and thank you for my goodies!!!