Saturday, October 24, 2009

Crop Party!!!

I am soo lucky to have such a wonderful scrap spot. I owe it all to my hubby for letting me take over "his" garage where his "baby" (motorcycle) sleeps. So last weekend we scrapped on Friday and on Saturday. Annnnnd my hubby cooked for us!!!!! YUM-A-LICIOUS!!!!

In hopes of totally sounding like a infomercial- LOVE THEM-uuuuhh emmm.....
When you come to crop at Carrie's house, you get great atmosphere, comfort and creativity all wrapped up in one!!! Here is where you can crop the night away...and we really did...both nights until 1 a.m. Ami pooped out a little early, but the little trooper was back for both nights!!! David SWORE that he was going to wake up with girls in the guest room....ahhhhh like back when we were kids. I was BFF's with his sister growing up...really like when we were kids. LOL!!! Ohhhh back to the spacious cropping area...
At Carrie's Crop House there are tons of tools and little helpers that love to be put to work...
Lots of room for you and all of your friends...P.Jams are highly encouraged!!! This is me, Ami, Olivia, and Julia.
When you come to Carrie's Crop House and just can't seem to shake those little booger's off...we have made room for them too!!! Yes, at Carrie's Crop House.....BOYS SCRAP TOO!!!

Okay, so I hope you laughed a little too!! This is where the gang hangs out when classes are not in session. We would love to have you over!

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Anonymous said...

The little boogers ARE adorable! I had no idea you had such a fabulous workspace. Makes me wish I was a scrapbooker so I could come hang out over there!