Sunday, October 25, 2009

A Spooky Invitation with some cute help...

My friend Deborah has a halloween party every year, and every year she hands out some computer generated invites. They work just fine, I wanted to just jazz something up that wouldn't cost anything to make. Soooo here is what I came up with.

These did come out much better than the picture did. I used orange cardstock with a simple text box boarder in Microsoft Word. Then on the orange I stamped the Haunted House from SU! House of Haunts. I topped it off with the party information printed on vellum and stapled some halloween ribbon to the top to hold it all together. So easy!!! Since I made over 70 of them, I recruited some help...

This picture came out horrible, we were both cracking up so bad!!! You can even catch a little peak of his "baby" in the corner of the pic. With my hubby, we finished over 70 invitations in about 2 hours. NOT BAD!!!

I also just helped my friend Nancy with her baby's princess invitations using the same idea. They make for a simple but cute invitation. And easy to put in the mail too!!!

I just love that I got my man to help me stamp, and I think he had fun too!!!


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