Thursday, November 26, 2009

What an exciting time!!

I have lots to tell you guys..

I have been so crazy blessed lately. I am off for Thankgiving for a total of 5 days....wooo hooo. I have been playing with a toy.....drum roll.....

A brand new Gypsy. Okay, without the long boring details...I am NOTORIOUS for wanting something and having to have it right away or the opposite and thinking there is no way that I need to spend my money on whatever it might be.

That is what happened with the Gypsy. My friend Ami and I went to a demo that Michaels had a month or so ago and since it wouldn't help us share our carts, we decided against it. I work, and Ami is a lucky stay at home sexy biker wife- that's what I call her job title. LOL!! I used to do homework at lunch everyday, but then got booted out of my spot with WiFi and started taking up "napping" under a tree in my van. Well, that is getting old and I was almost late a couple of times. So as I was wishing for WIFi, and thinking about the wedding album I was working on at home...the Gypsy popped into my head. I won't sell you on it, but you can find all kinds of info on the web out there. I just wanted to tell you what happened to me.

I got it yesterday afternoon. I LOVE IT!!!! A couple of newbie complaints...1. It doesn't come with a manual...2. Everything you want to know, you have to get off of the website or youtube. 3. I wish it had "hovering" information. Like which button was shadow versus black out. Those are my only concerns, and with only 24 hrs. under my belt I am sure it is that I haven't figured it out yet.

Here is my first "Thingy" that I made while watching ICarly on Nickalodeon, sitting on my couch with my boys.....instead of hiding out in my scrap room. Hint: If you are a ICarly fan, try to figure out your Gypsy when the show is not on! I might have caught on a lot sooner, had I stopped watching the T.V.

This is from the Destinations Cartridge which is exclusive to the HSN Gypsy bundle. I LOVE THIS CARTRIDGE!!! The Gypsy also comes loaded automatically with exclusive Gypsy Font and Gypsy Wonderings.

So I am deciding that I am totally for this now!! I uploaded my carts and now Ami can take them home with her and bring them back whenever I need them. It also allows me to swap carts with my sister in Arkansas. Provocraft states that you can only link each cartridge to one Gypsy. But you then can use that cart and that Gypsy on any Cricut machine. Since my sister and Ami are both at home most of the time, I get to be the lucky lady with a Gypsy and they can borrow my carts whenever they want. Provocraft also suggests that you don't get rid of your carts, once they are uploaded. Just incase you may ever need them. So letting my peeps borrow them, is no problem at all.

I didn't want this to be a infomercial for the Gypsy, but I figured since I had spent the last 24 hours searching for "stuff" on the Internet, someone else might like my info on it.

I will be posting more about this lovely machine...and hopefully attempting my first video soon.

Big Hugs,

P.S. I hope you all had a wonderful Thangsgiving. Once again I was spoiled by my hubby with him cleaning and doing dishes. I just made a simple turkey feast and played with the Gypsy all day...I AM A LUCKY LUCKY GIRL!!!

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