Wednesday, July 1, 2009


Well, I thought since we are all just sitting around waiting for SU! to update their sites and systems I would do a weight loss update. Today is the mark of SU!'s New Year and I am kinda taking that literally in my life too. It's no secret that I have been busting my rear in the gym since January. This week is the 60 Day mark of my workout with my coworkers. Here is the update with pictures.

Here is the current "Before" taken at the beginning of June.

Here is the "After" taken today.

I must say....I am pretty pleased. Here is the low down...

Last Month This Month
Weight 200.2 199.5
Chest 41.5 40.5
Hips 47.5 47
Upper Arms 15 13
Thighs 28.5 24
Calves 16.5 16.5

Here is the three of us all together...

June's "Before"...

Here is June's "After"..

This will be a multiple post kinda day. As soon as SU! finishes with the updates, I will post all of the wonderful happenings and new links.

Stay tuned.....


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Ann Kranitz said...

wowza Carrie. You should be super proud of yourself!! You look amazing now but I think you looked amazing then too. Great Job!!