Sunday, July 26, 2009

I am chirping....

It's official!! I have been bit by a bug....uhhhh cricut!!! After my crack-head like behavior on Ebay this weekend and possible groundation from it, I decided to actually start creating with my new cricut and let my paypal account cool off for a while.

My friend Ami got me started...I just have to blame someone and she's it!! LOL!!! I had to continue the chain and my sister Pam was it!!! I am soooo Jealous!!! I got mine at Michaels, she soooo did one up on me and got the HSN special with the Expression and tons of crap to go with it!!! Sooooo JEALOUS!!!! So I was flipping through the booklet that came with my Sesame Street Friends cartridge and saw the cutest notebook with Elmo on it. What a great way to start a project!!!

It's not finished, but I was so excited that I had to show it off. The zig zag boarder punch is my Martha Stewart punch and then some misc. ribbon that goes perfectly, I left some extra ribbon up top to use as a bookmark. I have some actual Sesame Street paper, but just used basic cardstock for my first time practice.

I am excited!!!! Can't wait for my 9 other cartridges to get here!!!! If I get into trouble, I may have to edit this post and add a "Donate Here" button, LOL!!. Thankfully David doesn't read my blog....I hope.

Have a great weekend!!



Denise Clark said...

Carrie, OTHER 9 cartridges as in 10 total? WOW!!!! I've only got 6 and have had my Cricut since Christmas. Your Elmo is so cute! I have Mickey and Friends and just love it for children's cards!

Ann Kranitz said...

You always crack me up!! I love shopping ebay also. Always get good buys there!!

Ami Adams said...

Awh Carrie he is soooooo cute. See I told you you would love your cricut huh? I can't wait till your other carts get here. In the mean time I need to figure out how I can pack up expression to go play at your house. I know it would be easy if I had the carring bag but I don't. Pluse if I bring mine then we all won't be waiting in one line to use the cricut.....not picking on He sure was precious and well behaived.