Saturday, January 9, 2010

You did WHAT?!!!!

Okay, it has taken me all day to post this story. I will probably wished I hadn't once I do.

Saying that I LOVE my Gypsy has been taken to an UNBELIEVABLE higher level now. Okay so I was about to take a lengthy potty break (WARNING!! Sorry, if you get offended of stuff like this turn away now, It does not get any prettier!!) Since I new it would be a few minutes and my SU! Success has not arrived yet, I decided to take my Gypsy with me. So I am sitting there ticking way when the stylus fell out of my hand!!! GASP!!! WTF?!!! Did I just....YEP. I DID!!! It dropped onto my lap. My dumb butt (severly sensored) looked down and instead of just looking to see it there and picking it up decided to move my legs to pray to god that it fell onto the floor. It was just then that I heard the noise....OH CRAP!!!! (sensored once again). It had fallen into the toilet!!!!! So what the heck is a girl to do? Flush the sucker!!! It's like a nightmare that has haunted me all day long. Maybe this has happened before?? Is this why Cricut sells them in a set of 3?? I just keep replaying the whole thing in my head. I just can't believe that happened.

For those who own Gypsy's, you are pretty aware of the message boards. They have a topic that says "Tell us where you take your Gypsy, and about the reactions you get with it" Could you just imagine if I put it there? Haaaa Haaaa! I am sorry to say that I usually love humor like this, and have to admit that it is pretty stinking funny!! Ooooh poor choice of words.....sorry but funny!!!

I told my sister Pam who said OMG, you have to post this as she died laughing. Then I spoke to my friend Ann, she said I should too. Then I called Sherrie, in typical Sherrie style with a bunch of friends while I was telling her the story, she just kept saying that is sooo funny!!! Are you kidding me? S*Up!!! I am dying!!! I totally have to pee now!!! Ahhhh Haaaa Haaaa!!! I could hear her friends in the back ground saying "What?" "What is it?" So she said...wait, I will tell you in a minute. OMG!!!! Now, I am usually one who LOVES this kind of stuff, it's different when it actually happens to you. I am a little embarrassed....a little...but I still think it is pretty funny. I can't wait to tell Ami....she is going to die!!!

I hope the New Year is treating you all well. I am starting my New Year on Monday as I just practiced pretending this week. I will hit the gym full blast on Monday along with a new class, I only have 5 to go before graduation!!!!! Woo Hooo!!!


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