Friday, January 29, 2010

In Loving Memory of Molly May Hajnal....

On Wednesday night Molly left us to go play in Heaven's backyard. David got Molly when he was at a gas station and a guy pulled up to him and asked if he wanted a dog. If not, he would just take her to the pound. So David took her home...this was about 1998-1999. I moved here in 2000 from California and she bacame part of my life too. When I was pregnant with Goose, she layed with me while I was on bed rest. When I...yes, I decided to propose to David I put the ring on her collar and asked David to marry me. Below is a picture of Molly Mae with a friend at our wedding. She was in it.

She has become Blakey's puppy recently. I am almost glad he doesn't understand. Before Blakey, she was Goose's sidekick. Here she is locked up in timeout....
Rest in peace little mama may may, life will never be the same without you. I hope you have all of the hotdogs and tennis balls that you could ever want up in Heaven. We will think of you every single day. We will miss your love and our days will be empty without being able to see your little wiggle.
Probably the saddest thing of all is how much Carrots will miss his mama...thats what we call her. People can understand the loss of a pet and most likely get over it. What happens to the furry bestfriend who has lost the love of his life? How do you explain to him that no matter how long he waits, she wont come back to him.

Our hearts are filled with loss and sadness right now.....Molly we will miss you!!!!

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Anonymous said...

she went with my two boys who left us on Friday afternoon...with lots of tears I send you and your family love from down under xoxo♥