Friday, March 20, 2009

Thank goodness for sunshine...sorta

Did the title catch your attention? What I meant was that I had previously sworn off buying one more sheet of paper or cardstock....or spending money at all for that matter. Why in the heck did I go out of my way and find myself walking through Michaels? With a cart!!! I am such a Dum Dum!!! If it would have been storming, god just might have sent a lightning bolt in my direction. So I bought some camping paper because we are going to go camping in the front yard tomorrow night. I just haaaad to! I am making easter cards, so I just Haaaaad to get some of that too! Because you know the old Spring Stack, Summer Stack , New Citrus Stack and New Double Sided Spring Stack that I have sitting right here sure would not had anything for me to use. Hahahhahaa!! I didn't even look in them.

This is all especially frustrating because we had to buy a new stove yesterday. That was horrible!!! So I am really grounded now.

Does anyone feel my frustration?!! Do you ever get to that point when spending money on anything just starts to make you cranky? I am at that point now.

To make things worse, I am officially kicked out of what is now the "game room". It's my old scrap room inside the house. I have been hiding/keeping my barely used stuff there for over a year. That's what I get for asking for more shelves inside the garage. He took the old ones down and even packed everything up very nicely and moved it all himself. I wish you could see me pouting right now. Shhhh...we won't mention the guest room closet. :-)

So as I am moving around I feel even more frustrated because I remember exactly when and where I bought most of this stuff. What was I thinking? Tons of $$$$$ waasted!!!!

I do have a point with some of this. I have lots of stuff I can get rid of and I need to recoupe some of the money I have been blowing lately.


With every order placed through my SU! Website I am just going to mail you a little gift. Book a party for the month of April (or place a order of $150 or more) and get a free stamp set (sorry, of my choosing).

I am sooo rude.....I forgot to beg..... PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE!!

Email me with any question you have at

Gotta get back to cleaning, Big Hugs!!!


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Denise Clark said...

Carrie, I know several people who are cleaning up their craft areas and getting rid of stuff they don't use. Must be that Spring thing - SPring Cleaning. I'm glad I have not caught it! LOL