Monday, November 24, 2008

Ohhhhh Christmas TREE!!!!

After my fit the other day, I was able to work a little bit of the Bug out of my Bah Hum. I am thinking of making my space at work into Whoville. And who know's maybe dress at the Grinch on Judging day. I was totally not kidding when I said that the secretaries get really into the decorations at my work. The rest of the building even takes a stroll down to our area and votes on the "Cube" they like best. Here is the Christmas Tree I made for the top of my desk. For those of you who might work with me....appearantly it is known as the "waiting zone" or "coffe lounge", Tee Heee...i get a lot of social visitors. Teee Hee....I am quietly sooo freaking excited that my 7 yr old just got his first note home from school that his "talking" disrupted the class. MY BOY!!! YIPPPEEEE! Uhh emmmm......Sorry got a little excited....Back to the tree...

Of coarse it is pink and green, with tons of diamond dust and glitter. I used silver star garland and wrapped it in pieces around a pencil for the exploding whimsical top. I was really loving this tree...And you know that means a lot coming from me at Christmas time.

It was my turn to help with Birthdays this month and I made a LOVELY stair step fold card. Can you tell, I am so happy to finally be creating lately?!

I used Stampin' Up! Birthday Whimsy set. This technique is so easy and easily found on SCS under techniques.

I have more to share tomorrow, and a whole day off with permission to scrap all day!!! Yippeee!



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Christi said...

Oh how stinkin' cute is this!!!