Saturday, February 7, 2009

Over due thanks to Ann..and a quick story.

These props are waaaay overdue!!! My Bella Sistah Ann has been sooo good to me. I wanted to flaunt it in front of Ya'll. LOL!!

Quick story: My husband and I were born and raised in California and now live in Dallas, Texas. Both our sons were born here in Texas. I don't think either of them have an accent, but our family says they do. Our 3 yr. old walked into the kitchen where hubby and I were standing and said...giggle......"What are ya'll doin'?" We looked at each other and said OMG!!!! We were just short of falling onto the floor, rolling, and laughing our butts off. So, being from Cali and using my most favorite word ever, I said "Duuuude!! Did you hear that?!!" He says it all of the time. We were trying not to make a huge deal over it, to see if he still said it. He does! So I picked him up from daycare yesterday (Friday) and told Blake to say Bye to all of his friends and told the two teacher to have a great weekend. DO YOU KNOW WHAT THEY SAID TO ME?! Ya'll too!

HAHAHAHAHAAAA!!!! ROTFL!!!!!!!! I know where it came from now. Hahahahaha!!! I just had to share that with you. Back to business......

Besides surprising me with the gift certificate that was emailed to me on like the first day of the Bellah Sistah thing, Ann sent me this wonderful package first. Tons of stuff.....I mean TONS!!!!! Bling ,Embellishments, Chipboard, Awesome paper and matching ribbon, frames, acrylic stamp, rubber stamps, images and brads...Tons!!Then just the other day I get another package. I am like "What the heck?" And I am feeling like a pretty bad sistah at this point. I had a package in my car and totally laaaged on mailing it out. Boy did I ever hussle it to the post office!!! Here is the second box I got from her... It had the most adorable smaller box inside with little kiddos on the side and a little boy on the's sooo cute!!! Inside had "snowmand circle" from StampingBella and the floral lace punch from Martha Stewart...SCORE!!!!! And a package of chipboard....AWESOME!!!

Last, but more precious than all are the handmade cards that came with each of the packages. I took a pic of them together. I absolutley loooove Ann's work. I am so impressed with her and her talent. Ann is the third sistah I have had at the Bellaholics Yahoo Group. I have learned sooo much from every single sistah I have had. All of the ladies in the group are amazing.Going to create now, I just wanted to let ya'll LOLOLOLOL!!! know how lucky I am to have Ann as my sistah! And to let Ann know how much I really do appreciate her!!

Love, Carrie


Kimmie0270 said...

What a cute story.

Hope your birthday rocked, Dude! :)

Denise Clark said...

WOW!!!! You sure got a great Bella Sistah! Lucky you! And you're right, the cards are the most special!

Don't kids say and do the cutest things? Hope you took a picture and scrapbook it all so you always remember!

BingsMommy said...

Very Nice. Nice scrap space in your garage.