Saturday, February 7, 2009

Catching up on posting

O.k. so I have gotten over the stress of my last class....TIME TO PLAY!!!! My current sistah Ann sent me some pics of her space, so I thought I would share some of my "play area". I have not shared pics since I moved from the office inside the house to the garage. I know it sounds wierd but the owner before us had a home interior business out of the nicely fixed garage and it was just begging for me to move out here. So here I am! Here are pics of the piece of office that I had before the big move. It was quite cozy and I had book cases to the left and some bins to the right. This is what I have now...

I am constantly rearranging trying to figure out what works best for me. I move the long table that was in the way and it now makes a nice spot for any visitor that comes to scrap. Here is what I have now... I stll share a small part of the garage with my husband's girlfriend (motorcycle). And the greenish large chair is facing a t.v. a little play area for the monkeys (kiddos) when I am trying to get something done. All of that is done on the other side of the garage. It works out very nice. I have tons of room to set up tables and chairs when I have parties or crops. I am really loving it.

I have a lot to share, so gear up for another post....or two.

Love, Carrie

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Ann Kranitz said...

I just love all the space you have to stamp in. I am so jealous!!! It looks wonderful!