Wednesday, December 10, 2008

A new Addiction...

OMG!!! I have seen the popularity of these stamped on candles grow into craziness. I tried my first one the other day, and loved it. I took it to work, and before I remembered to take a was Hijacked!! LOL! I know who has it and tonight it is playing a part in a Secret Santa "Punk'd" Edition. I know...huh? One of the girls is sooo bad about trying to find out who her Secret Santa is, and the girl who drew her name is soooo obvious. I had to throw the guesser off and tell the Santa to put my candle in tomorrow's gift (which is #2 of #3). We have the option of putting clues on the gift for each day. This match is sooo obvious that clues can't even be given. Still with me?? K, so tomorrow the guesser will open up my candle and be totally confused. Instead, I made her her own candle. She is currently going through Chemo for Breast Cancer. Her area is all decked out in Pink.....I JUST LOOOOVE IT!!!!! So here is the candle I made for her area.

Here is the front with the stamps that were used on it. The snowflake is just a generic Hobby Lobby stamp, and the Survivor stamp is "G10477 Survivor Calligraphy" from Paper Inspirations.

Here is the back with jewels and the snowflake stamp.

I am pretty happy with the way that this turned out. Not only do I love Deborah, She is one of my biggest supporters. I would make her a thousand of these, if it could make things easier during this tough time.

Posts are going to be a little on the light side until Tuesday. I am the final week of a class and my mom has her last surgery on Monday, which is when my final paper is due. WHEW!!! Busy week! After next week, I will be on Winter Break for 2 whole weeks. YIPPEE!

love, Carrie


Kimmie0270 said...

Do u know where there is a tutorial for stamping on candles?

Christi said...

I would love a tutorial too! This is fantastic girl!! Good luck with finals and I'm keeping your mom in my prayers.