Thursday, July 17, 2008


I think I can finally post pics of what I was working on this last weekend. I couldn't post it sooner because I was talking to my bella sistah on IM as I was making her one of the very same cards. Hopefully she has it by now..if not Christi, DON"T LOOK!! She has been having headaches lately, so I wanted to send her a cute little card. I buy the House Mouse stamps, but have never touched them until now. Thanks for the inspiration sistah!! I also used triple thick on the ice cube to give it a "iced look" and white puff paint on the cotton. I am really loving these techniques. I ended up making 4 of these cards.

This next card is causabella. I made it to support breast cancer. I ended up making 9 of them. I am selling them at work and donating money to the Susan G. Koman organization.

This was all I did on Friday. I have the boys this week and my oldest is leaving on Saturday to spend a month in the state of Washington with his Grandma Ree. My stomach is sick!!! I know he will have fun and build a butt load of wonderful memories..

See you all soon,


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Christi said...

Yes I did get it! :) Thank you so much! I'm still having the headaches but it sure did put a smile on my face. You are too sweet! I love your Causeabella card! And I love that you are going to donate to Susan G. Koman. I would be sick if my boy was leaving for a month too! Goodness! Spend all the time you can with him!! Talk to you soon!!