Friday, June 27, 2008

Quick little update...

I am so glad to have this blog as my theraputic outlet. This last week was WONDERFUL!!! I spent one evening over hubby's house watching movies and hanging out. We actually talked about more than what I like to call "business as usual". BAU is when we seem to just talk about stuff related to the house or the boys.

David invited me over for dinner and we actually hugged!!! And kissed (shh...I was SQUELLLLING like a little girl.) I was so happy and excited. I tried to keep my cool. I thought, this is exactly what the seperation is supposed to be about...getting excited about each other again. YIPPEEE! I sent him a ecard and thanked him for a wonderful evening. Inside my head I was saying how about tonight? Tomorrow? Forever??? I know this will take time, I am just excited. The rest of the conversations have been just barely above BAU. Nice, real nice.

I thank God for the girls I have met through my Bella group. They are so caring and understanding. I don't think you all know how helpful this is to me. The kind words are truly priceless!! The talent that these girls hold is AMAZING!!!! Big thanks out to my Bella Sistah's Kimmie and Christi for always listening and always being there for me.

I am off to try another round of productivity. The only thing I have accomplished is dishes.




Christi said...

Hey, at least you've accomplished the dishes...I haven't even gotten that far! LOL I am so happy for you girl!! I wish I could say the same about my sis and her David. Their separation is not nearly as good. :( You know I'm always here. Since my long time best friend is leaving for Oklahoma soon maybe you and me can hook up and stamp sometime. :)

Kimmie0270 said...

I'm so happy for you. I literally have tears in my eyes. Wishing continues success!