Friday, May 22, 2009

Miss Me?

It has been a few weeks since my last post. I have been really super busy. I made a few cards a couple of weeks ago, but don't have pics here at work. I just wanted to give a quick shout out and let you know how things are going.

It's baseball season and we lost a game last night. :-( We still have a few weeks left, so who knows how it will play out. it? We traveled to our very first tournament 2 weeks ago and really got our rears handed to us. I had the most fun decorating my mini-van...which is stiiiiil decorated. LOL!!! I HAVE to wash it tis weekend, I am starting to get made fun of.

School is still going...just doing what I have to do to get by. I know it is soooo horrible to say, and I received some grief the last time I mentioned this buttt......I don't understand what the big deal is trying to pay someone to write a paper for you. Yes, I work for a school district....Yes, I am trying to become a teacher...... yes, I know what a HORRIBLE example this is for my children and any children I hope to teach someday. But DARN IT!!! I have have stuff to do!!! I know I should have done this earlier in life, but honestly If I followed everthing that I started back then I would be a bigger mess than I am now. Thats how I became a Veterinary Assistant and then a Flight Attendant...and then dated the Tatto Artist.....not good. So I am TRYING to do the right thing, but it is so stinking hard!!!!! Just had to vent about that one, thanks for listening.

Now for the better news!!! I have officially become a weight loss maniac. Just see my list for the week...

Monday - 1 hour on the eliptical

Tuesday - 1 hr with Melissa (Personal Butt Kicking Trainer)

After Melissa I got my new game "Active" for my Wii Fit. If you have a Wii Fit, you HAVE HAVE HAVE to get this new game. I just came out on tuesday May 19. I thought I could easily handle the High Intesity option. I did finish it an hour later, but it worked me just as hard as Melissa. It even tells you how many calories you burn. I did 254 calories....not counting Melissa's.

Wednesday - 1 hour of Aqua Areobics and then went bike riding with my neighbor.

Thursday - 1 hr with Melissa then Baseball game

Friday - Tonight I will do Cardio (eliptical/stairclimber) for and hour and also the pool for 30 mins.

Saturday - Bootcamp with Melissa and B.J. and the girls.

Sunday - Day of Rest

Rough huh? So I weighed in this morning. It is our last week of Biggest Loser here at work and I only lost 2 lbs. in the last 2 weeks. I will find out what the total amount is and let you know. The girls I am doing this all with "unofficially" measured ourselves yesterday. The official measure will be in 2 weeks with Melissa. Then it will have been one month since starting hot and heavy with Melissa. It looks like I have lost almost 3 inches in my waist alone. I can't wait!!!! The word around camp is that I am losing more inches....I sure hope so.

I still haven't made it under 200. I am just about there, but can't seem to make it to that magical point. Believe me, when I get there EVERYONE will know!!!

I better get going. I plan on cleaning my house tonight (really overdue!) Since we have a 3 day weekend maybe I can fit in some scrapping too!

Thanks for listening,



Ann Kranitz said...

Yes!! I missed you....way to go on ALL of your exercise...that is awesome. I am so proud of you. Weight loss is going well for me too. A steady 2 pounds a week so far. I am very excited.

Denise Clark said...

Carrie, I so envy you with your exercising! I am NOT into any organized or scheduled exercising. I don't tell myself I'll do it anymore because I know I won't keep it up and then I feel like I've failed. So I just keep a pedometer and try to increase steps daily but no regular routine. Kudos to you!

How much weight have you lost? I've been on Jenny Craig since last October 28th and have lost 76 pds. I am really pleased but I still have a ways to go!

I would love to see a picture of your decorated van! :)