Saturday, April 4, 2009


Well, it's that time of the year again and we just got back from our very first game of the season. This year was a little different. All of the boys are either 7 or 8 and we had to come up with sponsors in order to play in the tournaments because of the fees. I offered to make the "Thank You" cards, I will come up with any excuse. The team is the Miami Hurricanes. Here is a pic of the card I made.

I also just have to share a pic of my most handsome big guy. Doesn't he look so spif-i-licious and yummy?!!! Even though it's not a pic of his face.

All of the boys played sooo good out there today and ended up winning the first game of the season. My throat hurts from screaming so loud. I am one of those parents. I cheer for everyone. I just can't understand parents who don't even yell and cheer for their own kids. I am sitting right next to them and if I can't hear them, the boys for sure can't! It gets me soooo HOT!!! I just want to get in their face and scream at them. Whew! I feel better. The boys are playing outside, it is so beautiful. I think I will scrap and watch them play.

Big Hugs!



Denise Clark said...

Carrie, I'm a screamer myself. I think sometimes I get so loud that I can embarass my kids. LOL

Love the card! Simple and to the point. Great idea!

Your little guy seems so proud to be on the team!

Ann Kranitz said...

I am with you!! Baseball is my fav sport to watch of the kids my only problem being my son is 12, and the competition heats up at this age, is that I get soooooo nervous when he is up at bat!!! I sometimes need to look away if the pressure is on. Love your thank u card!!