Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Stuff from my Bella Sistah!!

I can't believe it. I came home today and checked the mail and had a package from my Sistah Kimberlee Doktor. As I was getting on the computer to send out a thank you email to her, I noticed she sent out an email announcing her brand new baby boy. I am not a math genius but If I received my package today, and she had baby Matthew yesterday afternoon, she must have either mailed it from the hospital or on the way. LOL!!!
The pic of all of the cards is what I received today in the mail. I absolutely love the card with the ribbon. You can see other cards that Kimberlee made on her blog at

The other picture is of the very first package she sent to me. It had a Shoebox swap, and very cute little treat box, hershey kisses (not in pic, I ate them), and adorable card made by her and tons of images.


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Kimmie0270 said...

I actually mailed them out the day before I went into labor, after joking around with the post office employees about how I could go at any minute :) Glad you liked the gifties!