Sunday, March 30, 2008

Very First Blog Ever!!

Hey Everyone!

I should have done this a very long time ago. Instead of checking Myspace, Yahoo Groups, and evrywhere else for pics and info on everyone I know, now I actually have a blog. I am not one to remember to do things every day, thats why I had my tubes tied. So hopefully I will update this enough to keep y'all interested. (That's to all my girls in Cali)

What's up with Carrie?
I am working for a school district while I go back to school myself to become a teacher. Silly, yes! Not because it has been my lifelong dream at all. Far from it. Since having 2 boys and now teaching at a LSS ( Local Scrapbook Store) I realize the rush or satisfaction of teaching people things that I know. It's great seeing people smile when the light bulb comes on after teaching them something they did not know. Even better, when that person comes right back at ya and teaches you something! IT'S AN AMAZING FEELING!!! Like god hid all of these little secrets wihin everyone and meeting and interacting with people is the only key to release knowledge.

How did I start?
May 31, 2000. My dearest friends from Alligiant Airlines gave me a scrapbook as my going away present. I was amazed. About a year later, with nothing to do I opened it up again. My oldest, Goosie (Little David) was just a couple of months old. He was very sick and in the hospital with RSV (a respitory virus) for almost a month. We almost lost him. We moved and while driving one day I saw a sign, it said Recollections A Scrapbooking experience. After a week I decided to go into the store.
Poor, Poor David (DH Big David) never had a chance and never saw it coming. He thought it was a wonderful idea, since I had not made any friends in Texas. I went to my first crop from 6 p.m. until Midnight. With two Walmart bags in hand (1 with pics and 1 with a kit from W.M) I was off. I walked into a whole new universe. These girls had luggage, and it matched!!! They had every tool you could ever think of. I took a quick break from cropping and RAN to Joanns craft store and bought my first ( yes, first) Crop-N-Style XXL. Poor, Poor David :-). I came home with it and told him that I had won it in the drawing. Heee Heee. Many drawings later ;-) and now in 2008, I now have 2 Crop-N-Styles XXL, 2 Paper Takers, 1 Pink rolling cart, 1 Creative Companions bag, just for my pink wishblade and my pink K&Co. for my laptop that goes with me for the wishblade; I have quite the collection. And that is just what I take to the crops.
My husband was nice enough to let me buy the house that already had a craft room started. I have a pretty good life. I can scrap whenever I want (pretty much). I have 2 beautiful little boys and a husband who closes his eyes when he comes into my room and never asks where, when, or how I got it all. I do have to answer the question of "Don't you think this has gotten a little out of hand" or "Isn't this a little ridiculous?" I just say no, and he turns around while shaking his head and walks away.

I love my life!!! I started this blog to start telling the world about the little things in it that make me so happy.

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